Rage Frameworks Pioneers Contextual Deep Learning with its Artificial Intelligence Platform

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Rage Frameworks, a provider of knowledge-based automation technology and services, announced  new deployments of its traceable “deep learning” technology known as Rage AI™ across several global financial services, consumer products and manufacturing firms.

The challenges these organizations faced required the understanding and interpretation of complex documents and integration of other transaction data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to identify significant cost efficiencies and compliance conformance. RAGE AI™ incorporates deep linguistic parsing and proprietary linguistics-based innovations to understand the real meaning of documents and interpret them as a human would, and can operate completely unsupervised or with assistance by human experts. 

With its traceable, deep learning technology, RAGE AI™ significantly extends the frontier of deep learning and machine intelligence from “natural language processing” to “natural language understanding.” The platform reads and interprets documents within its context, and as a totally transparent solution, RAGE AI™ enables knowledge workers to move forward confidently knowing the reasoning behind the platform’s insights is completely auditable.  

Most artificial intelligence solutions involving natural language today are based purely on patterns in the data with no understanding of what they are processing.  They will require highly homogenous data or suffer the curse of dimensionality,” said Venkat Srinivasan, CEO of RAGE Frameworks.  “Additionally, they are all black boxes with no or little ability to provide the users with their reasoning.  This is true of Google, IBM Watson and the scores of others who have rushed to leverage computational statistics-based deep learning.  With RAGE AI™we are breaking the mold and creating truly intelligent machines that can substantiate their decisions with complete reasoning.”

RAGE AI™ is a patented platform for end-to-end automation of knowledge-based processes.  RAGE AI™ is currently used by some of the largest banks, manufacturers, consulting companies, high tech firms, and logistics companies.


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