Xplenty Has Processed More Than 1 Trillion Data Records

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xplenty-logoXplenty, the data integration platform helping organizations make raw data “analytics-ready,” today announced an impressive new milestone – that it has processed more than 1 trillion data records to date on behalf of its customers.

Organizations are under pressure to extract value from their data – to use it to deliver insights that improve their business and boost revenue,” said Yaniv Mor, CEO and Co-Founder of Xplenty. “Our platform makes that possible. We integrate, process and prepare raw data for analytics. In doing so, we unlock data’s potential and shorten ‘time-to-insight’ for organizations.”

As more organizations collect big data in an effort to extract intelligence, data integration technology – software that can combine disparate raw data, and display each data set into a unified view, ready for analytics – is now fundamental to enabling data-driven insight. A March 2016 report by Forrester Research calls data integration an area of growing need for organizations.[1] The report also cites data integration as critical to “the fabric of business” today.

With a completely scalable cloud-based platform, absent coding or deployment, Xplenty has quickly become the go-to data integration provider, with a growing customer base of enterprise to SMB businesses and organizations from around the world. Xplenty users span a number of industries, from retail and e-commerce to digital media and advertising.

With every data record we process for our customers, the closer they get to true data intelligence, enabling them to deliver concrete value to their business,” said Mor. “We are helping them get smarter with the data they collect, driving a series of benefits – both operational and financial – over the long-term.”

[1] https://www.forrester.com/The+State+Of+Big+Data+Technologies/-/E-PRE8944


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