DrivenBI SRK Collaboration Hub Makes Analytics more Actionable

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DrivenBI-logoNative cloud architecture opening new options for BI collaboration

DrivenBI SRK, the cloud-native true self-service business intelligence (BI) tool to remove IT complexity for business professionals, introduces its Collaboration Hub. The hub differentiates SRK from other competitive BI tools in that it’s not just limited to data visualization and report generation, it also provides collaborative features such as Task and automatic alert. Offering a complete end-to-end data analysis and decision-making lifecycle for enterprises, and available for both public cloud and private cloud users.

Most BI tools take collaboration lightly, if at all. And traditional ways of collaboration have limitations. When people use spreadsheets to build reports, they tend to add a column at the end for comments. The problem is that it becomes difficult to figure if comments were made before or after certain actions were taken and by whom. And when people use emails or even printed hard copies to distribute reports, very quickly they start to lose track of status of follow-up action items or simply don’t know who has the latest version of the report. DrivenBI SRK is more than just inputting, storing, and analyzing data, or building and sharing reports and dashboards. It also offers a set of features making the analysis results actionable in a centralized and well organized manner.

With the Collaboration Hub in SRK, Tasks can be easily created no matter where the user is browsing in the system, with notifications automatically pushed to relevant parties through emails or text messages to remind them in real time that there are actions that need to be taken.  And users don’t need to sift through emails or messages to check on the status. All comments, feedbacks, and correspondences are available in the Collaboration Hub which provides a detailed history for tracking and auditing.  It also allows parties to upload other related documents to share with one another as well. All of these collaboration activities and contents stay related to the analysis.

The Collaboration Hub allows users to automate processes and create immediate impact. Users can set thresholds that once exceeded will automatically send out alerts to notify personnel when, for example, sales quotas are not met, profit level is at risked. And the automatically triggered alert contains a shortcut to quickly create a Task in SRK so that the potential issues exposed by the analysis can be acted upon immediately.

Most BI vendors don’t look at the collaboration piece as holistically as we do. We wanted to create not just analysis generation and sharing, but actionable sharing,” said Ben Tai, CEO of DrivenBI. “Lots of BI tools provide analysis and flashy visuals, but they leave the customer at the most critical juncture. If they don’t have a system in place to act on the analysis, it’s nothing more than static reports and pretty charts.”

Because of SRK’s cloud-native architecture, it allows actionable sharing immediately as it is a centralized cloud data hub that is running 24/7 and it is accessible on any mobile device. Moreover, with the responsive UI design of SRK, users simply click the task link and the result is instantly formatted to fit their device’s screen.  So business professionals who need the data can access it from anywhere on virtually any smart devices with Internet connection.


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