Stage Intelligence Adds Support for the GBFS Open Data Standard into its BICO Distribution Solution

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Stage AI logoStage Intelligence, a leading provider of Bike Share distribution solutions, has added support for the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) open data standard into its BICO Distribution Solution. The GBFS integration enables BICO to access published data feeds from all participating bike share schemes. Bike share schemes that use GBFS are able to rapidly deploy BICO and use Artificial Intelligence to not only automate, but also optimise, real-time bike distribution decisions with end-to-end workflow management to Field Operatives.

BICO has been designed to simplify how scheme operators manage day-to-day bike distribution in a consistent and scalable way, allowing schemes to grow and adapt as demand patterns change. BICO can evaluate the enormous amount of possible distribution options available in its decision-making, enabling operators to leverage new levels of real-time intelligence improving end-user satisfaction.

The new GBFS support accelerates access to real-time intelligence for participating bike share schemes. Schemes that use BICO see more than a 15% reduction in operational cost while ensuring that bike share users can have access to the bikes or docks they need,” said Toni Kendall-Troughton, CEO at Stage Intelligence. “We are the only provider of Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for Bike Share schemes with live deployments in major cities. The new BICO GBFS support will advance our growth around the world.”

The GBFS open data standard was adopted by the North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) in November 2015. It makes real-time data feeds publicly available online in a uniform format so that map and transportation based apps can easily incorporate this data into their platforms.

We are in a pivotal moment for bike share – one where technological advancements make bike share a more accessible form of transportation and easier to use than ever before.” said President of NABSA, Nicole Freedman. “The bike share industry has the opportunity to more seamlessly integrate into other forms of public transportation and trip-planning apps with the data GBFS offers.”

BICO uses real-time intelligence to understand and predict demand while communicating where bicycles need to be redistributed to drivers via a mobile App. It removes the need for manual processes and decision making, eradicating the need for operators to try and predict the constantly changing demand across the scheme. This means better service for customers, greater efficiency in operations, and the ability to scale and grow bike share schemes in a consistent way.

Data drives innovation. The GBFS integration gives access to data around new scenarios and behavioural patterns within Bike Share schemes. That helps us to develop new solutions and gives our machine algorithms vital data for optimising bike share schemes in participating cities but also around the world,” said Francois McDonald, Solutions Director at Stage Intelligence.


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