State of the “Data” Job Market

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The “data” industry continues on its upward trajectory into 2017 and for the foreseeable future. Our friends over at Indeed (a popular job search engine for the IT industry) provides a general sense for how the market for data related jobs has shifted.


In the U.S. we’re now seeing data job postings go up after more than a year of decline. Searches are also now going up again. Also, of the countries studied, (FR, GER, NL, UK, IE, US): it’s only in the US that we now see job searches. Here are the average salaries for the most relevant positions:

  • Data analyst: $71, 256
  • Data Scientist: $128,746.



Data job postings are highest in Ireland but have seen much more fluctuation over the past 2 years than in other countries. So what are the emerging trends in the data job market? Chief data officers – The role of the chief data officer is to ensure that decisions are based on the data. This ambitious mission requires a good knowledge of the company and its organization. The CDO must also master the strategy to anticipate the decisions and implement the appropriate intelligence solution. According to Gartner, 90% of Large Organizations Will Have a Chief Data Officer by 2019 (Jan. 2016).



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