Sisense Launches Sisense BI Bots as the Next Innovation of its Everywhere Program

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Sisense_NEWSisense, disrupting the BI market by simplifying business analytics for complex data, announced early users of its Sisense BI Bots program are driving increased BI engagement with this latest innovation in the Sisense Everywhere program. Building on its mission to simplify business analytics, Sisense BI Bots create a new way to consume and interact with business insights through Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling everyday users and teams to engage in two-way instant-message conversations about their data, using their messaging platform of choice. This third innovation of the Sisense Everywhere program – following the Sisense-enabled Amazon Echo and the Sisense-enabled IoT lightbulb – is initially launching with support for Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

It seems that the next step of this evolution is here — let’s call it the conversational office era,” said Amir Shevat, head of developer relations for Slack. “Today’s offices are highly distributed, highly productive, with a major focus on online communication and knowledge sharing. The modern office communication medium is text-based, rather than face-to-face interaction or phone calls. This communication becomes the office knowledge-base, it facilitates collaboration, makes cross group work more productive and makes the on-boarding of new workers easier.”




BI, especially for complex data, has traditionally been targeted at technically-savvy users – IT users or data scientists – who are able “slice and dice” data. By bringing BI into employees’ natural environments, Sisense BI Bots is removing another barrier and giving all users access to powerful data insights within the chat communications tool of their choice. The AI integration and Sisense engine behind the scenes is enabling all users to make faster, more informed business decisions without switching applications – humanizing business intelligence.

With the introduction of Sisense BI Bots, Sisense is continuing its mission to simplify business analytics for complex data by incorporating BI insights directly into applications that business users are already interacting with on a daily basis, like messaging platforms,” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense. “We have seen a dramatic shift in the BI marketplace in recent years as data discovery and self-service technologies have sought to democratize business intelligence. Sisense Everywhere is now taking this a step further, incorporating advancements in artificial intelligence to bring data insights beyond the dashboard and into people’s daily environments, driving human action and ultimately business results.”

Sisense BI Bots create an ‘on-call’ business analyst, allowing users to access data in plain English and be proactively alerted to powerful data insights through messaging platforms they already use for day-to-day office communication, such as Slack or Skype. The Bot learns from organizations based on usage, in order to push key insights to users when they need them, and alert users to critical anomalies in their business. Users can chat with the Sisense BI Bot just as they would with another colleague, from the device of their choosing. When engaging with the Bot, users can simply type a question such as “what is my sales revenue,” to receive an instant response and analysis of trends in their business. Sisense allows users to interact with the Bot one-on-one or in a group discussion to serve as an additional resource. Early customers have already witnessed the impact of Sisense BI Bots when it comes to efficiency and aiding in faster decision-making.

I like the idea of being able to use language to answer data questions,” said Sisense customer Aaron Hayes of Premium Retail Services. “The Bot comes back with not only results from the dashboard, but pictures (widgets, set of widgets) and the ability to filter. This was a really big item for me.”

Sisense BI Bots is the next innovation in the Sisense Everywhere program, which launched in July 2016 as an integration with Amazon’s Echo and an IoT-enabled lightbulb to simplify data consumption. Sisense is inviting customers and business users to explore this latest innovation as part of the Sisense Everywhere beta program.


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