DimensionalMechanics™ Puts Artificial Intelligence Within Reach for More Organizations

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DimensionalMechanics, a developer of foundational artificial intelligence (AI) technology and deep learning engineering, introduced NeoPulse™ AI Studio, an intuitive set of applications that enable businesses and organizations to custom design AI solutions easily and quickly. The company has raised a total of $6.7 million in funding to date and is planning a series B round this fall. DimensionalMechanics also announced a strategic alliance with GrayMeta, a leader in automated metadata collection, curation and search, to be the first to offer NeoPulse AI to the media and entertainment industry.

NeoPulse AI Studio is part of the NeoPulse Framework, an intuitive development and management platform for AI, offering a flexible suite of horizontal, reusable tools to meet the varying needs of organizations and users. NeoPulse Framework enables organizations to build, control and deploy AI solutions, without in-house machine learning (ML) expertise, reducing coding time by up to 85 percent. The NeoPulse Framework includes three primary components: NeoPulse AI Studio; NeoPulse AI Store, which enables organizations to monetize their creations; and a selection of pre-built AI models.

Today we unveiled NeoPulse AI Studio, which enables organizations to build their own customizable in-house AI solutions easily, without needing highly-trained AI specialists – essentially offering AI as a service,” said Rajeev Dutt, CEO and co-founder of DimensionalMechanics. “Historically, companies have to build AI solutions to answer one specific question, which can’t be easily leveraged to address other issues. NeoPulse AI Studio radically changes the dynamic of how AI is developed by empowering developers with a common set of applications to address their evolving business needs. And, once a successful AI model is created, organizations can choose to use NeoPulse to share and monetize their efforts. Taken together, we’re working to make AI more ubiquitous by providing foundational technology to help organizations create and distribute their own AI solutions. Today also marks a major milestone, thanks to our strategic alliance with GrayMeta, whose clients include many well-known, global media brands. As the media and entertainment sector seeks innovative ways to apply machine learning, we look forward to making that faster and easier, together with GrayMeta.”

NeoPulse AI Studio: Rapid Design and Deployment of AI Models

NeoPulse AI Studio offers AI as a service and uses simple, yet powerful, modeling language, which accelerates the development of AI solutions without the need for deep learning expertise, reducing coding time significantly. AI Studio uses patent-pending technology that functions like an oracle for AI to help organizations choose the best machine learning (ML) approach to use in building an AI solution.  AI Models that are produced using NeoPulse AI Studio are portable and reusable.

At GrayMeta, we enable some of the biggest motion picture studios, sport broadcasters and content owners to make the most of their valuable digital assets with a powerful set of metadata extraction, creation, curation and search tools,” said Tom Szabo, Chief Executive Officer at GrayMeta. “DimensionalMechanics will give us the ability to rapidly deploy highly customizable AI solutions to dramatically improve content discovery and recommendations for our customers.”

Key product features and benefits for NeoPulse AI Studio include:

  • Uses NeoPulse Modeling Language (NML) for automating the process of building AI models;
  • Enables dynamic AI model creation solution, using an efficient and easy-to-use language and command line interface that can be run on low cost commodity hardware;
  • Accelerates the development of AI models without the need for deep learning specialists;
  • Reduces lines of code from hundreds of lines of code to dozens;
  • Enables customization and refinements to models over time such as retraining models based on current data gathering;
  • Models can be trained on premise so that data never has to leave the organization’s network;
  • Portable AI models that can either be deployed on premise or be pushed into the cloud for broader consumption; and
  • Includes performance and QA tools and an SDK.

A Universal AI Model Store and Off-the-Shelf Models

Once a successful AI model is created to solve a particular issue, there is no common or universal marketplace for organizations to share or monetize creations. NeoPulse AI Store, part of NeoPulse Framework, includes an AI model store, similar to an app store, which enables organizations to distribute, license and monetize their AI models. AI Studio is designed to scale exponentially as successful AI models in the store are licensed and used by additional users and organizations.

For those organizations that do not want to build their own models, the AI store also includes off-the-shelf AI Models that are stand-alone software models in areas such as photo ranking, headline analysis, discovery and recommendations, character recognition, infrastructure anomaly detection and more.


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