Bonsai Expands TensorFlow Support with Gears, Extending Functionality of AI Platform for Enterprises Building Industrial Applications

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Bonsai, provider of an AI platform that empowers enterprises to build and deploy intelligent systems, released Gears, a top feature requested by customers in the Bonsai Early Access Program. Gears further extends the value of Bonsai to data scientists, providing them with a tool to manage, deploy and scale previously developed machine learning models, including those built with TensorFlow, within the Bonsai Platform.

Bringing together state-of-the-art techniques in machine teaching and machine learning, Bonsai provides enterprises with the tools to more efficiently build application-specific AI models that increase the automation and operational efficiency of industrial systems including robotics, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, energy and utilities.

We are seeing accelerating interest from enterprises looking to program AI across a diverse range of industrial systems. Customers want to know that we can support their existing AI models, while extending functionality as needed to address unique and emerging application requirements,” said Mark Hammond, co-founder and CEO of Bonsai. “The development of Gears is a direct response to this request and in complete alignment with our vision to provide development teams with the complete toolset required to build intelligence into every hardware and software application.”

Using Gears, data scientists can now incorporate existing prediction and perception models into Bonsai’s AI Platform. In addition to extending the functionality available for programming intelligent control and decision support systems, Gears benefits enterprises by enabling greater collaboration in the development process across programmers, subject matter experts and data scientists.

Applying machine learning to enterprise use cases is always about more than just one team or technology, and this is particularly true in industrial applications that require deep involvement from a variety of groups,” said Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. “With Gears, Bonsai’s looking to make existing models embeddable into its AI platform to make it more tightly connected to business needs and to open it to wider numbers of contributors.”

Customers using Bonsai’s Gears functionality will benefit from:

  • Compatibility with popular machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow, Torch, CNTK, scikit learn and OpenCV
  • Ease of integration of Python libraries and custom code into Bonsai’s runtime environment
  • Simplified AI model development and collaboration across teams
  • A single platform to develop, deploy and manage all AI models
  • Combining existing perception and prediction models with state-of-the art reinforcement learning technology

The Gears feature is available today in version 0.8 of the Bonsai Platform.


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