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Our friends over at StackShare recently reached out to insideBIGDATA to provide their latest Database Index. To compile the StackShare Database Index, StackShare — one of the world’s largest developer communities, with 100,000+ CTOs and developers at companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Instacart, and Dropbox sharing and discussing their tech stacks — conducted original research on which databases are most widely used right now, and which are most in-demand by recruiters.

Drawing upon StackShare’s community of developers, the StackShare Database Index measures the number of tech stacks that feature each database, and the number of job openings that require knowledge of each database. In addition, new graduates and anyone looking for a new job can use the index to decide which programs and skills to learn.


Top 10 Most Popularly Used Databases (ranked by the number of stacks containing each database, as of June 2017)

1. MySQL (5,270 stacks)
2. Redis (4,080)
3. PostgreSQL (3,880)
4. MongoDB (3,770)
5. Amazon S3 (3,530)
6. Amazon RDS (1,400)
7. Memcached (1,150)
8. RabbitMQ (1,100)
9. SQLite (823)
10. Microsoft SQL Server (780)

Top 5 Most In-Demand Databases by Recruiters (ranked by the total number of job openings that list each database as a required skill, as of June 2017)

1. MySQL (1,450 job openings)
2. Amazon RDS (833)
3. Hadoop (824)
4. Redis (799)
5. PostgreSQL (652)

NOTE: Rankings are updated in real-time. For the complete latest rankings, visit HERE.


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