AtScale Accelerates Big Data Analytics Deployments in the Cloud

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AtScale announced the availability of a universal semantic platform for business intelligence (BI) with Microsoft Azure HDInsight. With this offering, in one click, enterprises gain faster time to insight by deploying Big Data Analytics on Azure in minutes, and benefit from an enhanced ROI by running production-ready workloads on the productive and intelligent Azure cloud platform.

Accelerating the migration of Analytical workloads to the Cloud

AtScale’s new offer helps enhance Azure HDInsight customers ability to quickly turn their Big Data lake into a highly available and performant analytical database. Because the AtScale platform requires no data movement and no desktop client or driver to let BI tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau or work on Big Data live and in real-time, business users can analyze HDInsight data the minute it is available.

Enterprise customers increasingly choose Microsoft Azure for their large-scale data processing workloads,” said John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, general manager of Data Platform Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased that AtScale will bring a customer-focused managed service that helps our mutual customers deploy and share analytics solutions.”

This offering accelerates the data architecture modernization projects many enterprises have taken on by allowing them to rapidly turn their data lakes into production-ready and business critical analytical applications.

Microsoft and the Microsoft Azure teams are an ideal partner for businesses looking to move data to the cloud,” says Eddie White, VP of Business Development at AtScale. “As we engage with our enterprise customers on their data architecture strategies, more and more enterprises are looking to Azure to be part of the data fabric. As they do so, AtScale is able to ensure that the business critical analytics workloads can be moved quickly and, with Microsoft’s partner and sales teams, we are successfully delivering this together now.”

Simplifying the modern but complex hybrid Big Data World

As highlighted in the latest Big Data Maturity survey, 72% of enterprises are planning on deploying BI on Big Data in the Cloud, BUT 84% of them will do so by modernizing (not replacing) their existing big data platforms. This means enterprises that modernize their Big Data Analytics architecture need to bridge the gap between the dozens of Business Intelligence tools (MicroStrategy, Power BI, Qlikview, Tableau) and their various data platforms: on-premises, in-the-cloud and relational and nonrelational. Enterprises run into common pitfalls when making business definitions and logic reusable across multiple BI tools, managing performance and scale while making security work across on-premise and cloud environments.

The AtScale Universal Semantic Layer is a solution for these issues by bringing 3 key innovations to cloud users:

  • Hybrid Query Service™: The average enterprise has dozens of Business Intelligence tools, from MicroStrategy to Power BI to Tableau. Each tool requires its own query language, SQL or MDX. AtScale’s Hybrid Query Service makes one of the industry’s only platforms that can support both MDX and SQL.
  • AtScale Adaptive Cache™: Solutions that attempt to connect users to large datasets require that data be moved into physical cubes, data marts or data extracts. AtScale works with BI tools with a live connection mode. Users always get the latest data available while the AtScale Adaptive Cache guarantees sub second performance on virtually any data type or size, regardless how and where it’s stored.
  • AtScale’s True Delegation™: Governance and security are top priorities to companies who want to deliver self-service analytics to their users. AtScale’s True Delegation™ capabilities ensure that every query is associated with the end-user who generated the query and satisfies the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies. The Platform works seamlessly with Apache Sentry, Apache Ranger and fully supports LDAP, Azure Active Directory, and Kerberos.

By using AtScale, enterprises can finally benefit from a highly secure, open and advanced platform for BI on Big Data.


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