AgilOne Announces Customer Data Platform Update with New Features for Machine Learning

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AgilOne, a leading customer data platform for enterprise B2C brands, announced major advances in machine learning, as well as enhanced reporting capabilities and new features to maximize the profitability and results of couponing programs. These new capabilities further AgilOne’s strengths as the only customer data platform with the ability to support the advanced needs and use cases of the enterprise.

With a new machine learning framework and scalable infrastructure, AgilOne can now rapidly innovate and release new clusters and models. The new machine learning framework was built to be fully configurable, through metadata, to each brand’s unique needs. This makes it easier for marketers to harness the power of machine learning in more areas of the business. For example, this advanced flexibility allows brands to run various versions of models for different subsets of customer populations, leverage any data source as an input to the model, and run hyper-personalized campaigns in each population based on the model scores.

Micro Center, a leading computer and electronics device retailer with over twenty-five large stores across the United States, is using AgilOne’s machine learning to drive smarter reactivation campaigns.

In testing AgilOne’s likelihood to buy model, we are seeing very strong potential in reducing costs and optimizing response for our direct mail reactivation campaigns. We are optimistic it’ll drive cost efficiency and effectiveness into the New Year,” said Deneke O’Reilly, VP Marketing Operations at Micro Center.

AgilOne has also announced new reporting capabilities called Metrics+. Metrics+ is an easy-to-use reporting and dashboarding tool made for business users to rapidly gain business insights from their own reports and highly visual dashboards. The Metrics+ framework provides a range of tools to give business users the insights they need, such as hyper-flexible filtering, user-defined calculations, and advanced visualizations. All customer intelligence in AgilOne’s customer data platform, including brand-specific configurations and machine learning model results, are available in this intuitive, performant, and scalable reporting tool. With Metrics+, marketers can focus on the insights and metrics that are uniquely important to their business.

AgilOne now provides reporting and analytics solutions for both business users (via Metrics+) and technical users (via Lightning IQ). With the launch of Metrics+, users can seamlessly transition from one solution to the other by jump-starting Lightning IQ queries with the SQL generated within Metrics+, which is enabled by both solutions being powered by the same platform.

Brands are now able to create, ingest, and distribute coupons in AgilOne Actions in order to execute hyper-personalized coupon-based campaigns, and enhance AgilOne’s 360 Profile with an omnichannel view of a customer’s coupon history. AgilOne’s customers have long benefitted from reporting on omnichannel coupon redemption performance. With the new enhancement, marketers can go beyond mere coupon redemption and create omnichannel performance reporting across the entire coupon lifecycle (including creating a coupon, sending it to a customer, and understanding whether the coupon was redeemed).

These new capabilities give marketing and customer-centric teams important insights into who their customers are, with greater ease than ever before,” said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne. “These enhancements make it easier to act on these insights and deliver highly relevant customer experiences.”


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