Streaming Cloud Integration: Key Data Considerations for Hybrid and Multicloud Architectures

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McKinsey estimates that the growth in spending on cloud initiatives will continue at more than six times the rate of general IT spending through 2020. The benefits are clear: elastic scalability, agility to launch innovative solutions quickly using modern technologies, better cash flow management, and lower expenses with a pay-as-you-go model, just to name a few. A new white paper from Striim explores why hybrid-cloud, multicloud, or inter-cloud architecture strategies all need a modern, real-time
data integration solution that keeps up with the speed of business.

Hybrid cloud architectures are becoming increasingly commonplace as organizations move critical applications and systems to the cloud, while maintaining some existing systems in-house. Without having reliable operational data in the public cloud, businesses cannot use the cloud environment to support their core business functions. Thus, streaming data
integration, continuously collecting and moving data while processing it in-stream from on-premises systems to cloud environments and back, is integral for hybrid cloud success.

The white paper goes into detail for 5 important use cases where streaming data integration simplifies hybrid cloud solutions, and then examines their data-oriented requirements. Beyond SaaS offerings for specific business applications, organizations adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure for different use cases. Streaming integration plays a crucial role in many of these use cases, but particularly for:

  1. Migrating existing systems to the cloud
  2. Building new business systems in the cloud
  3. Offloading operational reporting and analytics to the cloud
  4. Running new and existing systems in multiple cloud environments
  5. Sharing data between these clouds

The balance of the white paper introduces Striim solutions that address the needs for each use case by providing for streaming data integration across in-house and cloud systems with built-in scalability, security, and reliability. Striim delivers continuous real-time data movement and stream processing across a wide variety of data sources and cloud services on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms. Striim can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or both via a hybrid topology.

Striim is uniquely qualified to help make the journey to cloud fast and smooth. Striim simplifies moving real-time data across a diverse set of data sources and cloud targets with high-performance, security, and reliability. With a patented design to support business critical systems with high data volumes, Striim delivers reliable, continuous, and secure access to real-time data in the cloud.

Download the new report, courtesy of Striim, Streaming Cloud Integration: Key Data Considerations for Hybrid and Multicloud Architectures,” to help make your journey to cloud fast and smooth.

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