Podcast Highlights: Data Skeptic

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I love podcasts and I listen to them all the time. I think the podcast is one of the best methods to learn new things and also constitutes a handy tool for cultivating curiosity and passion. I routinely listen to tech podcasts when I’m in the car while suffering through LA traffic, and also when I’m at the gym with a different kind of suffering. Podcasts enable me to get my daily dose of knowledge. There is SO much to learn in our rapidly accelerating field, using the podcast to keep up to date is a smart and efficient strategy. As the growth of data science continues to advance, it’s critical to stay current on all the latest innovations so that you won’t be left behind.

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that you can consume them on your commute, waiting in line, walking/running, etc. In many ways, it’s like sitting in on a session at a data science conference to hear the thoughts of ML and AI experts. But in the case of a podcast, you can conveniently play, pause, and rewind anytime you like. A vast repository of new methodologies and news is available anywhere, anytime.

Today’s feature podcast series comes from Data Skeptic which brings you weekly stories on how to understand more about our data-driven world as well as outlooks on topics such as statistics, machine learning, big data, AI and data science. Click HERE to browse the podcast series (a free Spotify account is required to listen). Enjoy!

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