TigerGraph Unveils Free TigerGraph Enterprise Edition, Helping Companies Use Graph as the Foundation of Many Modern Data, Analytics and AI Capabilities

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TigerGraph, the scalable graph database for the enterprise, announced free licenses for TigerGraph Enterprise, an offering that will empower customers to easily use graph analytics and algorithms that quickly traverse graphs to find insights in real-time. TigerGraph is now free for everyone to use for databases up to 50GB graph size (which can be more than 150GB in other graph systems, which expand data rather than compress it). Free license users can get technical support from TigerGraph’s community forum; for paid TigerGraph support, users need an Enterprise license. The TigerGraph Enterprise Free License announcement comes a year after the company announced a free tier of TierGraph Cloud, the first native graph database-as-a-service. Today’s announcement was made at Graph + AI World 2020, the first open conference on accelerating AI with graph, organized and hosted by TigerGraph.

“TigerGraph is setting the new standard for graph analytics and working to enable today’s enterprises to innovate with AI and machine learning applications,” said Dr. Yu Xu, founder and CEO of TigerGraph. “We listened to our customers and their feedback. While the Developer Edition earned high praise, customers requested specific enterprise features, such as single-server only or no backup. They want to try out enterprise features like continuous availability and multi-user access control, and develop enterprise applications, which they can do now with TigerGraph Cloud Free Tier.. As graph algorithms increase context for AI and ML, customers will be able to build  more accurate models and increase the predictive power of existing data.”

The free license allows customers to:

  • Learn and experience. You get access to a full-featured Enterprise product with 50GB graph size (which is 150GB+ on other graph systems) max limit to learn about TigerGraph, deep-link analytics, and scalable and distributed processing..
  • Develop and test. You can develop and test enterprise applications using the full version of TigerGraph, but without professional TigerGraph support.
  • Deploy into production. You are welcome to use TigerGraph Free License for production, if you can live within the graph size limit and without professional support.

TigerGraph Enterprise Free License complements the free tier available on TigerGraph Cloud; TigerGraph Cloud Free Tier is not changing and remains available. In addition, TigerGraph Cloud now offers all the features of TigerGraph 3.0 with no-code functionality, no-code migration from Relational DB, and no-code graph analytics with visual query builder.

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