insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs – 9/22/2023

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Welcome insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs, our timely new feature bringing you the latest industry insights and perspectives surrounding the field of AI including deep learning, large language models, generative AI, and transformers. We’re working tirelessly to dig up the most timely and curious tidbits underlying the day’s most popular technologies. We know this field is advancing rapidly and we want to bring you a regular resource to keep you informed and state-of-the-art. Enjoy!

OpenAI announces DALLE-3, built natively on ChatGPT – DALLE-3 not only outperforms DALLE-2 but can be used in combination with ChatGPT to generate tailored and detailed prompts. The MidJourney competitor will be available to all ChatGPT+ users in early October and via the API in late fall.

OpenAI Announced First Developer Conference on Nov. 6, 2023 – OpenAI is hosting its first DevDay conference on November 6, featuring in-person and virtual live streamed events. Registration for in-person attendance will open soon.

NVIDIA Breaks AI Speed Barriers – The groundbreaking open-source TensorRT-LLM offers double the Inference Speed on H100 GPUs and up to a 8x throughput boost for smaller models.

Everyone in the industry should read the new Generative AI report by ClearML. They surveyed Fortune 1000 companies with $1B+ in revenue to see how fast they’re adopting generative AI, the challenges they’re facing, and their economic impact.

Key Highlights:
– 81% of respondents consider using AI to create business value
– 66% of respondents face challenges in quantifying the impact of AI
– 64% of respondents selected customization and flexibility as leading challenge
– 42% need more experts in AI

You can read the full report HERE for free.

Create video documentation with AI – guidde is a GPT-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI generated documentation.

  • Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides
  • Save valuable time by creating video documentation 11x faster
  • Share or embed your guide anywhere for your team to see

Simply click capture using a special browser extension and the app will automatically generate step-by-step video guides complete with visuals, voiceover and call to actions. The best part is that the extension is 100% free.

Boston Consulting Group’s AI Enterprise Deal – BCG teams up with Anthropic to offer all clients exclusive access to the advanced AI Claude 2, along side strategic guidance from BCG.

Here is a video presentation from Modular all about the Mojo (Python++) SDK:

NVIDIA AI Coming to Anyscale Ray to Supercharge LLM Performance and Efficiency – Anyscale announced that it’s bringing NVIDIA AI to Ray open source and the Anyscale Platform to further accelerate and boost the efficiency of its widely used LLM development software. The integration includes support for a range of NVIDIA AI software, including NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and NVIDIA NeMo. Developers will have the flexibility to deploy open-source NVIDIA software with Ray, or opt for NVIDIA AI Enterprise software running on the Anyscale Platform for fully supported and secure production AI deployments.

Taplio – helps you grow your personal brand and find leads on LinkedIn using AI, advanced scheduling, analytics and more. Over 6000+ LinkedIn creators and pros trust Taplio for all their LinkedIn needs. Free trial and 30-day refund policy.

Numenta Launches NuPIC, Brain-Based AI Platform that Delivers 100x Efficiency – The Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC) was developed based on neuroscience research and the theory of intelligence developed by co-founder Jeff Hawkins. NuPIC works to make AI processing up to 100 times more efficient. The NuPIC architecture allows LLMs to run efficiently on CPUs, offering substantial cost savings and enhanced privacy. This shifts the AI landscape, which has largely depended on GPUs, towards more accessible and flexible CPU-based solutions.

AI @ Morgan Stanley – The Generative AI era on Wall Street kickstarts with the launch of the financial giant’s assistant for financial advisors created with OpenAI’s latest GenAI software.

Google nears release of AI software Gemini – Alphabet’s (GOOGL.O) Google has given a small group of companies access to an early version of Gemini, its conversational artificial intelligence software. Gemini is intended to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model.

How to Use ChatGPT in WordPress:

Adept AI Labs Unveils Fully Open, Permissive 8 Billion-Parameter Language Model – Despite training on less data, the model rivals or outperforms its peers like LLama 2 and MPT 7B Instruct and offers a much larger context size. The model stands out for its unique evaluation methodology that is aimed at replicating real-world interactions that could occur when exchanging answers to posed questions.
This opens avenues for more genuine use-cases and allows the community to validate the model’s capabilities more easily. 

The Rise and Potential of Large Language Model Based Agents: A Survey – Here is a cool repo containing a comprehensive list of papers on LLM based agents.

Large Language Models as Optimizers – This new paper explores the usage of LLMs as black-box gradient free optimizers to improve the problem solving performance of LLMs through the power of in-context learning. While derivative-based algorithms are effective for many optimization problems, they are not applicable to tasks that lack a gradient. OPRO uses two LLMs in cycles: optimizer LLM generates candidates based on a meta-prompt including past solutions and evaluations; scorer LLM rates them. These scores update the meta-prompt for the next cycle. The process ends when there’s no more improvement or a cycle limit is hit. Optimizer uses temperature 1 for exploration, while scorer uses temperature 0. 

CometLLM: A New Prompt Engineering Tool – Comet announced their new open-sourced product: CometLLM. The explosion of LLMs over the last year has been an incredibly fun ride to experience. Talking to a wide variety of AI developers, academics, and industry experts, Comet found that one of the biggest challenges when working with LLMs is documenting and organizing prompts and their responses. CometLLM can help those experimenting with LLMs in many ways including:

  • Log and Compare Prompt Templates
  • Score Rate Your LLM Prompts
  • Visualize Prompt Chains
  • Add Token Metadata to your Prompts
  • Search for Keywords in your Prompts and Responses

TikTok introduces new tools and technology to label AI content – As more creators turn to AI for their artistic expression, there’s also a broader push for transparency around when AI was involved in content creation. To address this concern, TikTok announced it will launch a new tool that will allow creators to label their AI-generated content and will begin testing other ways to label AI-generated content automatically.

Google’s Bard chatbot can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, Drive – Google’s Bard AI chatbot is no longer limited to pulling answers from just the web — it can now scan your Gmail, Docs, and Drive to help you find the information you’re looking for.

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