ChatGPT, Crime & the Impact on Law Enforcement

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Our friends over at Cognyte recently released a report about ChatGPT, crime and the impact on law enforcement authorities: “ChatGPT and Crime – What Law Enforcement Needs to Know about Large Language Models.”

Hundreds of millions of users around the world are using AI bots, such as ChatGPT, which are powered by Large Language Model (LLMs). This rapidly evolving technology has the potential to allow criminals and bad actors to easily scale up cyber-crime, financial crime, human trafficking, disinformation and other illicit activities.

The Cognyte report examines:

  • The capabilities of large language models and AI bots, such as ChatGPT
  • How criminals are using this technology to accelerate illicit activities
  • How this technology can equip law enforcement with stronger capabilities

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  1. Fascinating insights on how ChatGPT is revolutionizing crime analysis and aiding law enforcement efforts. It’s inspiring to see technology’s positive impact on enhancing public safety and crime prevention.