2023 ML Pulse Report: The Latest Trends and Challenges in Machine Learning

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Our friends over at Sama recently published a comprehensive report on the potential and challenges of AI as reported by Machine Learning professionals. Key points include:

  • GenAI is both over and under-hyped as GenAI’s true potential and use cases have yet to be defined – it needs to walk before it can run.  
  • Quality models will be the lifeblood of AI, but confidence in model development is shaky. 78% of respondents don’t have the resources they need to produce high-quality models.
  • In order to gauge the success of GenAI, model access metrics need to be rethought and redefined – this is especially important as not every industry (e.g., retail, AgTech, AV, or manufacturing) will use GenAI the same way.

To download the report click HERE.

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