REPORT: The C-suite Weighs in on Gen AI

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Thomson Reuters’ Future of Professionals C-Suite Report, reveals that while the majority of the C-suite is already or planning to use Gen AI at work, an overwhelming 87% of execs are concerned with how it will be deployed. 

The C-Suite is taking steps to mitigate concerns, ensuring GAI’s potential is harnessed in a safe and trusted way, for example: 

  • 74% of respondents said their company has an organization-wide policy in place regarding employees’ use of Gen AI tools, and another 21% have deployed department wide policies.
  • A majority of respondents said their company provides online training for employees on Gen AI at the employee’s pace (72%) or live with an instructor (49%); 28% offer in-person training.

While 2023 has been a year of mass AI implementation across industries, 2024 will see leaders stepping back & taking stock; many will (and should) be looking toward training, investment in policies, and collaborative efforts with trusted partners to pave the way. 

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