Talena Enhances Security Features and Expands Cloud Support

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Talena_logoTalena, the always-on big data pioneer, enhances its award-winning big data management platform with expanded cloud support and key security features. The new platform broadens its support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to include capabilities such as Amazon S3 for highly-scalable object storage, and extends its security capabilities including data masking, encryption and authentication. The new features will help companies utilizing Talena for backup, recovery and test data management, store backup data in Amazon S3, run backup software in Amazon AWS, and prevent personally identifiable information (PII) from appearing in native forms in non-production environments. As a result, companies can drive down the high costs associated with deploying big data platforms, minimize compliance risk and increase business flexibility.

Our customers depend on Reltio’s modern data management Platform as a Service (PaaS) to deliver reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions that drive critical functions across their business,” said Zoltan Gombosi, VP Engineering, Reltio. “Through Reltio data-driven applications business users access and expect constant availability of this data. Talena’s backup, recovery and test data management solution is an ideal fit for our rapidly growing DataStax Enterprise environment, and their recent security and AWS S3 enhancements are critical for our customers, particularly in highly regulatory environments.”

The parallel rapid growth of big data and cloud-based computing makes it increasingly important for companies to understand how critical functions like backup and recovery work in this new environment, and how to manage modern data assets securely within today’s enterprise settings.

With nearly 70% of companies experiencing a data loss in the last year, and with many of those averaging close to $1 million per incident, companies understand that compromised and lost data is not just a costly error, but puts the company’s reputation and market position at great risk,” said Talena Founder and CEO Nitin Donde. “Our new security and storage enhancements mitigate these risks by ensuring that a higher level of data protection is in place from the start.”

Talena continues to innovate in the big data management market with a very broad range of enterprise security and cloud-related capabilities, available immediately.

Security capabilities include:

  • Creating masked copies of data for test data management
  • Native support for Kerberos and integration with Kerberized big data platforms
  • SSL encryption for data on the wire
  • Data encryption for backup data
  • Support for all AWS S3 encryption options

Cloud-related capabilities include:

  • Ability to run Talena in various public and private cloud environments
  • Support for AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS), S3 and Glacier as target data stores
  • Support for migrating data workloads to the cloud with the Talena data mirroring capabilities
  • Enabling cloud-based application testing using data mirroring


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