Witness a Complete Showcase of Asia’s IoT Industry Chain In IoTE 2017

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As the largest and longest-running conference and trade show dedicated to showcase the complete IoT industry chain in Asia, the 9th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition will open its doors from Aug 16-18 this year, at Shenzhen Convention & Conference Center.

Exhibition Profile

Launched in 2009, IoTE has always been a platform for product launches and exclusive debut appearances by domestic and international IoT enterprises.  As the leading trade show in this industry, IoTE provides attendees with vital business growth and relationship-building opportunities through education, networking and exposure to thousands of new products and services.

For the consecutive nine years, the leading event has become the biggest and the most comprehensive IoT event with annual 21% growth rate. Last year, the number of exhibitors is growing from 80 to over 453, the visitors are from 6000 to 87,426. Among these participants are global players such as Haiwei, ZTE, Midea,Intel Tencent, Microsoft China, Telit, Sensoro, Baidu, Gizwits, NXP, Fujitsu, Invengo, Postek, Aisino, Legic China,Trimble-ThingMagic, Alien, NB-IoT Alliance, China Unicom, Nokia, Lierda, Orvibo, Xlink, ACS Tech, and etcs.

The development history of IoTE ( 2009-2017)


The post-show analysis of IoTE 2016


Feedback from IoTE2016

Lulu Chen, Marketing Director of Invengo

The expo provides a high-effective platform for Invengo to showcase our leading RFID apparel &retail solution, and communicate with clients face to face. This year, we debut Invengo global RFIDapparel & retail personalized solution and its products & services, including supply chain and store management, label printing and data management, it attracts much more domestic and international professional visitors than we expected. High-quality visitors, reasonable layout, excellent exposervice, we think highly of IoTE, and will continue our cooperation in future, see you in IoTE 2017″

Ruihua Cai, General Manager of Silion

Since 2009, Silion has been attending IoTE for 8 years. This year, the expo is expanded its exhibits range, not just about RFID, it introduces a lot new emerging IoT technologies, attracts much more international IoT companies to attend, the number of visitors is increasing significantly, especially international visitors from East-South Asia, South Asia, Middle East,Europe and America. As exhibitor of 8 years, we can feel the improvement the organizer made every year. We are full of hope that our business will getting even better with IoTE.”

What to expect in IoTE 2017

The 2017 edition of Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition ( IoTE 2017) will once again gather the world’s leading Industrial Internet companies and experts at Shenzhen. Thousands of attendees are expected to participate from across the IoT industry, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT. It will exhibit the technologies of RFID, sensor network, short-range communication, financial mobile payment, middle-ware, big data processing, Cloud, real-time locating, and etc; It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, smart grid, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance, military, asset management, apparel, library, smart city, environment monitoring.

What do IoTE 2017 Exhibit

Highlights of IoTE 2017

A Complete Showcase of the Whole IoT Industry

IoTE is a complete showcase of IoT industry chain, includes IoT perceptual layer ( RFID, Smart Card, Smart Sensor, Bar Code, Cameras ), transport network layer ( Bluetooth, 3G/4G, Zigbee, GPS, GPRS , WIFI, WSN ) and Intelligent applications layer ( Cloud, Mobile Payment, RTLS, Smart Home, and etc )

Application Integration Oriented

One of the most importance things which IoTE puts a lot efforts in is the invitation of end user and system integrator. It provides a effective platform for the interaction between IoT product provider with system integrator, system integrator and end user, promotes the cooperation among the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain

International, Professional Buyers

With many years of marketing efforts and gigantic capacity of IoT manufacturing of China, in 2016, there were more than 2000 international buyers from 39 countries and ares visiting IoTE 2016.

High-end Conference leading Industry Trends

There are more than 10 top conferences & forums during exhibition, topics covers IoT, RFID, mobile payment, NB – IOT, smart home, smart hardware, wireless communication, printing electronic, IoT standard, IoT application. IoTE invites officials, research organization, manufacturer, end user gather together to discuss the latest trends in IoT industry.

Promotion from 200+ Major Medias

IoTE works with major medias from various industries, such as logistic, automation, finance, retail, library, apparel, medical care, military, automobile, aerospace, agriculture, and etc, to give IoT continuous reporting coverage both online and offline.

Additional information regarding IOTE can be found at http://eng.iotexpo.com.cn


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