Few Predictions About the Machine Learning Change in 2018

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During the last few years or so more people have been been jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon and talking about its potential influence on the planet as a whole. The world is much closer to a great shift, now more than ever, and 2018 will bring us one step closer to that transformation.

This year we will continue to hear about revolutionary tendencies, and bear witness to loud headlines about AI, machine learning and deep learning. Some of them will claim that machines are likely to take our jobs and even destroy particular professions. Such a cyberpunk future is fair bit away, but those fears are nothing in comparison with the progress and positive change we are all witnessing at the moment. Here are few main predictions about machine learning in 2018.

Less Hype, More Action

The noise around artificial intelligence is constant and was predicted years and years ago. People always were talking about AI, its use, and dangers related to it. And now it is actually here. There are more than ever myths about AI now, and 2018 should amend that situation a little bit. This year regular people should see more real information about artificial intelligence progress.

Bigger Budgets for Machine Learning

There is no surprise that every new and potentially successful venture finds its sponsors sooner or later. Machine learning was always interesting to big businesses with how it allows to quickly gather data and determine a new course of action. And this year ML expenses will predictably grow. More and more companies are looking forward to involving machine learning in their processes. And, logically, it requires money. With all those smart self-driving vehicles, robots, and other groundbreaking stuff the change is going to come even faster than we might hope. The speed of progress is going to increase drastically this year.

Some Projects Will Fail

Some projects always fail; the development of artificial intelligence is not an exception. Technologies were evolving for ages, and there always were people to succeed and to fail. Progress is just impossible without these two factors. While people are ready to face risks, there will be progress. In 2018 we will hear lots of new names, startups, and experiments. But some of them will also go away forever. Big data projects and related development is a very expensive endeavor to deal with, and lots of projects will just fail because of a simple lack of financial support.

Voice Instead of Typing

As we all know talking to a phone or computer is a regular thing these days. And this tendency is about to continue this year. It is simpler and easier to talk to a machine like to a person than to interact with it via keyboard or some other interface. New iterations of this type are going to become smarter and more voice command friendly. Roughly 20% of companies are going to attach voice-enabled interfaces to their offices and work-space environments. The number of smarter machines and systems will become exponentially bigger.

Robots Will Start Looking After Us

Another great tendency has been on a rapid rise during the past few years. Artificial intelligence is going to become a sort of health care assistants and then maybe even replace real doctors. It still sounds unbelievable and even scary, but the fact is that people may in time learn to trust machines, rather than real people.

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  1. I think it’s crazy that you think that we might come to trust machines as health care assistants in the future. The advancements in machine learning and technology in general have been astounding. Maybe it would be a good idea to start investing in machine learning since it’s going to be advancing so much in the near future.