Exploring AI Solutions for the Entertainment & Media Industry

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This insideHPC guide series explores how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing and evolving the media and entertainment industries. This post walks readers through a variety of AI solutions for the entertainment and media industry, as well as what to consider when choosing the right solution for your organization. 

AI solutions

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The thought of choosing the right IT solution to effectively put AI to use may seem daunting. The good news is Dell EMC has done the homework, testing, validation and optimization in creating Ready Solutions for AI. First, there are four factors for you to consider: Speed, Accuracy, Capacity, and Cost.


Of the array of technological innovations that have made artificial intelligence possible, GPUs have perhaps had the most impact. GPUs, or graphics processing units, provide significant advantages through the acceleration of applications. Put simply, the analytics and process management you’re trying to do, can be done much, much faster through the use of GPUs — from workstations to supercomputers.

Accuracy and Capacity

Throughput is the rate at which data can be processed. It’s an important consideration because it dictates performance, thus linking capacity and accuracy. NVIDIA® NVLink™ is a high-bandwidth, energy-efficient interconnect that supports ultra-fast communication between the CPU and GPU, and between GPUs. Next generation NVIDIA NVLink high-speed interconnect technology delivers 2X the throughput, compared to the previous generation. A single NVIDIA Tesla® V100 GPU supports up to six NVLink connections and total bandwidth of 300 GB/sec — 10X the bandwidth of PCIe Gen 3. This enables more advanced model and data parallel approaches for strong scaling to achieve the absolute highest application performance.


There are many costs to be considered for AI solutions, both in terms of hardware and the investment in training and support as new technologies are introduced into existing processes. Expert advice is always advised, and Dell EMC is on-hand with worldwide service, support and financing.

GPUs, or graphics processing units, provide significant advantages through the acceleration of applications.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI can provide the power required for the vast number of calculations that need to be made very quickly — for facial recognition, for example. With the speed of automated image and pattern detection, these solutions can help provide better data insights. And with historical data sets, you can get deeper insights into, for example, media buying behavior. Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI empower you to identify patterns, analyze vast amounts of data and automate tasks so you can get better insights faster.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI are scalable and include servers, storage, networking and software optimized together for AI workloads. Current designs include Machine learning with Hadoop and Deep learning with NVIDIA.

Dell EMC machine learning with Hadoop

Dell EMC machine learning with Hadoop builds on the power of tested and proven Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Hadoop, created in partnership with Cloudera®. The design includes an optimized stack along with data science and framework optimization, so you can get up and running quickly.

If you’re running Apache® Spark®, you can take advantage of the BigDL distributed deep learning library for Apache Spark, for a faster path to enabling machine learning and to making deep learning more accessible for non-expert big data users and data scientists. BigDL integrates into the Apache Hadoop® frameworks and tools, enabling deep learning on the same Hadoop/Spark cluster where data is stored.

Dell EMC deep learning with NVIDIA

Dell EMC deep learning with NVIDIA provides a GPU‑optimized stack that can shave valuable time from deep learning projects. Dell EMC engineers can help you configure, test and tune GPU‑enabled hardware and software, with included services to help data scientists load and discover insight from data more quickly.

Dell EMC deep learning with NVIDIA is built around NVIDIA Tesla® V100 GPUs. With 640 tensor cores, this powerful accelerator was the first to break the 100 teraFLOPS barrier for deep learning performance. NVIDIA NVLink™ connects multiple V100 GPUs at up to 300GB/s to deliver 30X higher inference performance than CPU‑based servers. This level of throughput and efficiency makes scaling‑out machine and deep learning services much more feasible.

Stay tuned; this guide series will also cover the following aspects of AI in the media industry over the next few weeks:

Download the full report, “Revolutionizing the Media and Entertainment Industry through Artificial Intelligence,” courtesy of Dell EMC and Nvidia, to learn more about how AI is transforming these industries. 

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