Digital Love: How “Love Song” was Written with the Help of AI

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This Valentine’s Day, an AI has collaborated with humans to write a beautiful love song for you. Just think of it as a little computer love.

“Love Song” was written with the help of Amadeus Code, the AI songwriting assistant that takes data from centuries of music to inspire songwriters with melodic ideas. While Amadeus Code can assist in the creative process, like any AI, it cannot feel love. This is why collaboration with the Amadeus Code team was necessary to fully bring the track to life.

Amadeus Code does not write lyrics, but if you’re looking for a fully-generated masterpiece, you can use this Love Song Lyrics Generator to complete the track. You can listen to “Love Song” from Amadeus Code below:

Songwriting with Amadeus Code

The goal was to create a song with a specific singer in mind, and for this demo, it was Taylor Swift. With that in mind, here are the parameters set in the app:

  1. Bpm set to slow to create a pop ballad.
  2. To give the verses a rhythmic feel, the note length settings were set to “short” and also since her vocals have great presence below C, the note range was also set from low~mid range.
  3. For the chorus, to give contrast to the rhythmic verses, the note lengths were set longer and a wider note range was set to give a dynamic range overall.

After re-generating a few ideas in the app, the midi file was exported and handed to an arranger who made the track.

Arranging with Amadeus Code

Taylor’s vocal range is somewhere in the range of C#3-G5. The key of the song created with Amadeus Code was raised a half step in order to accommodate this range making the song F3-D5.

From the exported midi, 90% of the topline was used. The rest of the 10% was edited by the human arranger/producer: The bass and harmony files are 100% from the AC midi files.


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  1. Garbage! Leave artwork to humans!

  2. Making a song is not really easy job. From writing to tuning and completing a perfect song has a huge amount of effort that can’t be ignored. Now it’s a little easier because of technology.

    However, thank you for sharing this. Love this.

  3. This is pretty interesting. While I don’t think technology will be able to replace humans when it comes to songwriting, it can certainly help in terms of providing inspiration and tools to make the process easier.