AnotherBrain Reveals a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence

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AnotherBrain is bringing its Organic AI™ technology that can transform every sensor into a smart sensor for use in industrial automation, automotive and IoT markets.

AnotherBrain’s technology is explainable by design, uses low energy, and low data in order to make the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in factory and logistics more practical and effective. The customers’ journey is simplified as a result of an ergonomic user interface and Organic AITM‘s ability to operate without a cloud connection.

The solutions developed by AnotherBrain include real-time manufacturing robot guidance and one-shot learning visual inspection. It is based on a set of disruptive bio-inspired algorithms which allow sensors to understand their surroundings and autonomously learn from them while explaining to the user the decisions made. This process allows customers to adapt the solution to their particular circumstances. There are three key benefits to AnotherBrain’s human-friendly AI: built-in explainability, no reliance on big data, and low energy consumption thanks to minimized computing and memory requirements.

This event marks AnotherBrain’s ambition to introduce its nextgen Organic AITM to the industry, starting with applications that extend the reliability of quality control and the performances of guided robotics solutions,” said CEO & Founder, Bruno Maisonnier. “Our human-friendly AI technology enables a new standard of collaboration between man and machine. This brings an unequaled performance and ease of use compared to current technologies for diverse AI applications, automotive, and IoT.”


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