Manufacturing Industry Predicted to Benefit Most from Artificial Intelligence Technology

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It’s widely agreed that the implementation of artificial intelligence is vital for future growth, but just how much impact can AI have across industries? RS Components has analyzed data from Mckinsey’s Global Institute to see how much revenue growth AI innovative companies can expect to see when compared to businesses who fail to invest in the technology. The full findings are found in a report, “AI Industry Boost – Which Industries will Benefit the Most?

Here are some key results from the report:

  • Manufacturing industries which invest in artificial intelligence technology are predicted to see an 18% estimated annual revenue growth – more growth than all other industries analyzed.
  • ICT companies that do not adopt AI technologies are predicted to lose 4% in annual revenue, whilst retail technologies that don’t adopt AI technologies are still predicted to see an annual revenue growth of 3%.
  • AI innovative companies within the Utilities, Financial Service and ICT industries, are all set to see an estimated annual growth of 16%.

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