TruFactor Democratizes Intelligence-as-a-Service and Accelerates AI-led Transformation in the Public Sector

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TruFactor, an InMobi Group company, announced new customer initiatives which showcase how federal and municipal governments are utilizing AI and consumer intelligence to support critical use cases. Additionally, building upon its launch of a secure data platform for telcos in collaboration with Microsoft earlier this year, TruFactor has introduced new capabilities and APIs to empower data scientists to leverage consumer intelligence safely, securely and seamlessly.

Since the February launch at Mobile World Congress, more than 50 enterprises across industries such as retail, transportation, financial services and urban planning have been utilizing TruFactor’s unique “phygital” graphs to power data science models, applications and platforms.

TruFactor Transforms Delivery of Public Safety Programs and Economic Development Initiatives

Historically, many agencies and governments have been limited in their ability to harness cloud, AI and mobile technologies. Federal, state and municipal organizations are constantly challenged with competing priorities for budgets, staffing, time and shrinking resources – all while the economic, demographic and social landscape in their communities evolves daily.

Today, TruFactor customers Inovvo and Cobalt, revealed how they are using the Intelligence-as-a-Service platform to radically transform the delivery of public services and measure the impact of investments.

Inovvo, a leader in mobile data and enterprise-class analytics platforms, develops applications to help state and federal agencies use the power of big data to inform decision-making. Through the adoption of TruFactor, Inovvo’s public safety platform receives up to the moment consumer intelligence and insight into local community needs. TruFactor APIs provide feedback on the movements and behaviors of specific demographic populations. As a result, agencies can optimize communication campaigns and the delivery of public safety initiatives and services to constituents.

“Our aim at Inovvo is to enable state and federal agencies with the most advanced technologies that enable them to respond more effectively with tailored outreach and services to support communities in times of need,” said Joseph Khalil, CEO, Inovvo. “Our offerings benefit agencies that have the highest standards for privacy and compliance. The TruFactor platform has exceeded our expectations in delivering secure and unique intelligence that helps us better equip these mission-critical organizations.”

Cobalt Community Research is a national non-profit that combines big data with local insights to help municipalities optimize resources. Cobalt is rolling out Visitor360TM, powered by TruFactor. City planners and agencies can now affordably leverage consumer intelligence to identify economic development opportunities and measure the impact of their efforts.

“As a non-profit ourselves, it was critical to select a platform that we could seamlessly incorporate into our models and trust to meet the rigorous privacy and security policies of public sector clients. TruFactor’s Intelligence-as-a-Service can be applied across applications, including measuring the impact of events and tourism, understanding usage of recreational nodes such as trails, and promoting economic development of downtown areas,” said William SaintAmour, Executive Director, Cobalt Community Research. “We are creating a new mode of quantitative measurement and representative feedback, so local agencies and governments can show how their efforts are driving results with credible, quality data. It’s an important step forward in evidence-based governance.”

TruFactor Expands Intelligence-as-a-Service Platform with Robust APIs

TruFactor has expanded its offering with a “shovel ready” consumer intelligence platform and APIs to support both ISVs and enterprise customers. Built on a foundation of consumer trust and privacy, TruFactor’s patented anonymization platform ingests, filters and processes over 100 TB of raw information daily. TruFactor’s proprietary AI then transforms this data into a “phygital” consumer graph that bridges physical and digital behavior.

“While the AI and data revolution are disrupting industries, many organizations in the public sector are still struggling to answer key questions. And yet these organizations have even greater needs to serve. TruFactor is providing the needed consumer intelligence to optimize resources and measure impact across urban planning, transportation, economic development and public safety,” said Piyush Shah, Co-Founder, InMobi Group and CEO, TruFactor. “Our mission is to empower data scientists to leverage consumer intelligence safely, securely and seamlessly.”

TruFactor is partnering with Microsoft to deliver its Intelligence-as-a-Service platform. TruFactor is working closely with Microsoft to help software technology providers differentiate their offerings with unique consumer intelligence and has introduced a channel program for recruitment, on-boarding and support.

“TruFactor has integrated with three of our core business pillars: cloud, AI and user privacy,” said Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner (OCP), Microsoft Corp. “TruFactor’s solutions enable our broader ecosystem of ISV partners and enterprise customers to create and deliver new, breakthrough experiences.”

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