SAP and WTA Launch New Patterns of Play Feature for SAP® Tennis Analytics for Coaches

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SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) announced “patterns of play,” a new feature in SAP® Tennis Analytics software for coaches, which for the first time will allow WTA coaches and players to identify and analyze patterns that unfold during match rallies. Through the patterns of play feature, WTA coaches and players can go beyond single point analysis and can access, customize and compare data and insights following a match to strategize and gain a competitive advantage against their next opponent.

The patterns of play feature addresses a key need for coaches looking for data-based insights into how a rally unfolds and how their players, and opponents, react to match situations. It also enables coaches to personalize insights for their player’s next match by going deeper into the data and applying various filters and customization, spanning opponents, opponent’s rank, playing hand and playing surface.

Patterns of play will include the following:

  • Rally analysis: This customized view of the court splits it into segments, allowing for enhanced analysis. Coaches can filter data based on priority areas and determine a player’s hit location tendencies in a particular segment and an opponent’s likely responses and reactions during a rally.
  • Ball toss analysis: This provides insights into a server’s ball toss, the positioning of the ball on impact and how that affects the outcome on the serves and rally.
  • Bounce-to-hit point analysis: Through a sequence of data points, coaches can see historical data examining where a ball is being returned after a serve as well as the success rate. They’ll also begin to understand an opponent’s level of aggressiveness and determine optimal angle creation on the court.

“I’m very excited for the rollout of patterns of play, the latest example of how SAP and the WTA are revolutionizing the game of tennis through advanced stats and analytics,” said Wim Fissette, long-time WTA coach and SAP ambassador. “Having access to analytics on player patterns during matches, across a variety of different conditions and opponents, is game-changing in helping me — and other WTA coaches — prepare players before their next match.”

Fans attending the Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen in China later this month will be able to experience the patterns of play feature firsthand through on-site activation by SAP.

With the introduction of SAP Tennis Analytics for coaches in 2015, SAP and the WTA revolutionized analytics across tennis, allowing players and coaches to access real-time performance data on WTA-authorized tablets during live match play.

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