Julia: The Programming Language Of The Future

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Keno Fischer, Julia Computing co-founder and CTO (Tools) discussed Julia and Julia Computing in a recent interview. Learn how he became interested in computer science and how Julia was created, and how a 16 year-old German exchange student became a 19 year-old co-founder of Julia Computing. Keno shares stories behind the creation of the popular programming language Julia, as well as the development of the community and spin-off company Julia Computing over the past years with the rise of machine learning.

Julia is a modern open-source language for data science, machine learning and scientific computing that has gained increasing attention. It combines the functionality of quantitative environments such as R and Python with the speed of production programming languages like Java and C++ to solve big data and analytics problems. It has been downloaded over 3 million times and adopted by numerous enterprises, research institutes and financial organizations.

A full transcript of the interview can be found HERE courtesy of Robin.ly.

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