Ethical AI: Five Guiding Pillars

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Corporate responsibility is not a new mission, but it has become a more complicated one as machine learning assumes a larger role in how work is done. This 20 page white paper,”Ethical AI: Five Guiding Pillars,” provides five actionable ways organizations can re-imagine business models around ethical AI, according to KPMG.

  • Prepare for structural changes and ethical workplace transformation now by helping employees adjust to the role of machines in their jobs – it’s no secret that the workforce of the future calls for a new approach in business— one that is totally employee-centric and transparent. The rise of powerful analytics and automated decision-making will ultimately create a massive change in roles and tasks that will redefine work.
  • Establish clear enterprise-wide policies now about the deployment of AI, including the use of data and standards of privacy – Through GDPR regulation and the American AI Initiative we’ve seen that ultimately, the lead in educating, training, and managing the AI-enabled workforce rests with business—and the sooner leaders set forth on this journey, the more influence they will have on coming initiatives and regulations.
  • Build algorithms that are secure and have a strong “ethical compass” – When creating algorithms to deploy AI responsibly, security and governance of the data is crucial to the overall integrity of the model, as well as establishing clear lines of ownership to generate accountability.
  • Ensure the goal and purpose of critical algorithms are clearly defined and documented to mitigate bias – Every leader should have a moral imperative to mitigate bias by governing AI along its entire lifecycle—from its ideation and build to its continuing evolution—and then take new steps to manage and guide an increasingly diverse workforce as the nature of work changes.
  • Create “contracts of trust” – The power and promise of AI can only be fully unleashed by our understanding and control of its build and actions. This is why companies need to establish an overall management policy for AI, with a focus on responsibly unleashing the power of these technologies.

Download the new report, courtesy of KPMG, Ethical AI: Five Guiding Pillars,” to create an ethical enterprise and sustain it into the future through governance and control of AI.

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