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In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

DataRobot Announces Feature Discovery Integration with Snowflake

DataRobot, a leading enterprise AI platform, announced the latest integration with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Building off of DataRobot’s expanded partnership and existing integration with Snowflake, the new Feature Discovery push-down integration dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of developing models, unlocking new use cases, and accelerating time to value for joint customers.

The new Feature Discovery integration with Snowflake delivers this innovative capability to Snowflake users, pushing down data preparation operations into Snowflake to minimize data movement resulting in faster performance and lower operating costs. This allows users to obtain more accurate DataRobot models by accessing more data from Snowflake and leveraging the power of Snowflake’s Data Cloud. With Feature Discovery, the joining, aggregating, and creation of derived features from datasets is done automatically using data science best practices. This lets users build better machine learning models in less time and drive more innovation with AI.

“At DataRobot, our goal is to generate as much value from the intelligence gleaned from data for our customers as we can — a vision that Snowflake is equally committed to,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, SVP of Product, DataRobot. “We’re thrilled to be delivering on our expanded partnership with Snowflake by bringing the power of automation to the Feature Discovery process directly into the Snowflake environment.”

Sunlight Announces NVIDIA GPU Support, Giving Edge AI a Boost

Sunlight, a developer of virtualization technology for data-intensive applications, announced NVIDIA GPU support for Sunlight NexVisor, its lightweight hypervisor providing near bare-metal performance with a compact footprint. Organizations can now unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructure at the edge, maximizing the performance of demanding, GPU-accelerated workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI) running in edge environments.

“With high-performance AI becoming central to so many business processes, edge AI has emerged as a very real and rapidly growing phenomenon. Moving AI to the edge can create massive efficiencies, but it requires a new breed of edge infrastructure that can process huge volumes of data in the low-power, resource-constrained and ruggedized compute environments common to far edge locations,” said Julian Chesterfield, Sunlight Founder and CEO. “Now with support for super-fast NVIDIA GPUs, Sunlight is uniquely positioned to support the most demanding workloads out there, with the highest throughput and lowest latency possible.”

RSIP Vision AnnouncesSophisticated AI-Based Tool for Coronary Artery Analysis and Intervention Planning

RSIP Vision, an experienced leader in driving innovation for medical imaging through advanced AI and computer vision solutions, announced a new coronary artery segmentation tool. The fully automated, deep learning-based technology provides a quick, robust, and accurate 3D model of coronary artery anatomy, enabling precise measurements of the artery length and diameter at any point. This tool enhances image-based assessments of coronary artery function and diagnosis of conditions, such as narrowing (stenosis). It also provides the needed understanding to physicians for advanced procedure planning, including navigation planning, stent selection and stent positioning.

“The cardiac CT-scan contains vast amounts of data surrounding the coronary arteries, and our mission is to extract it,” said Ron Soferman, founder & CEO at RSIP Vision. “Its wide availability and excellent resolution make it a preferred imaging modality for cardiology purposes. We are pleased to introduce our new module that will aid in the detection of coronary artery stenosis and be useful in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) planning. We believe strongly this will reduce the need for additional interventions, while decreasing the chance of adverse events due to incorrect stent selection.”

StorCentric Announces QV1020 on the Violin QV-Series Platform-
Simple, Cost-Effective, High Performance, All-Flash NVMe Storage

StorCentric, a global enterprise leader in data management and reliable storage solutions, announced the general availability of the QV1020 on the QV-Series platform – simple, fast and affordable high performance all-flash NVMe storage. The Violin QV-Series, with the newly announced QV1020 and existing QV2020 model, helps businesses of all sizes achieve the fastest application response times even during peak processing, increase application availability and resiliency, and ensure protection from local or remote outages.

“NVMe has taken hold in the enterprise, driven by the demands of high-performance applications such as big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, OLTP and data warehousing and their need for high-speed, low-latency access to storage media,” said Surya Varanasi, CTO of StorCentric. “The Violin QV1020 answers the call for these exact same NVMe capabilities, but for companies that have smaller capacity requirements with corresponding pricing.”

Striim announces a new fully managed SaaS preview of StreamShift
for database migrations on Google Cloud

Striim, a leader in real-time data integration, announced a preview release of StreamShift, a new service that helps enterprises migrate databases from on-premise to the cloud quickly and securely.

The new migration service includes automated database profiling, automated migration assessment, migration compatibility assessment, schema creation, transformation and data movement capabilities. Both lift- and-shift database migrations, and zero-downtime continuous online migrations are supported for similar or heterogeneous topologies. With this new service, enterprises can easily assess and migrate their on-premise Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases to their cloud counterparts. Though the preview service is first offered for Google Cloud, customers can also migrate to databases running in other clouds such as AWS and Azure.

“What’s different here is the simplicity and the intuitive user experience for database migrations offered in a hosted manner,” said Alok Pareek, EVP Products at Striim. “Our cloud partners have been requesting such a hosted service to simplify cloud adoption for their endpoints, and we are delighted to offer database migrations as a service, built ground up with security, intelligence and scalability. With StreamShift, customers can achieve a zero- downtime phased migration to ensure minimal business disruption and risk-free cutover to the cloud.”

GE Digital Launching Solution to Optimize Airline Function via Teradata Vantage

GE Digital and Teradata announced the release of a new GE Digital software solution that integrates with Teradata Vantage, the cloud data analytics platform, to provide blended enterprise and operations data in an aviation-specific data model. The solution, Flight Data Link, helps accelerate airlines’ digital transformation – driving reduced expenses and greater insights into operations by integrating customer, maintenance, and supply chain data.

“We’re proud that GE Digital’s innovative new product will utilize our Vantage platform, leveraging Teradata’s world class platform for aviation analytics so that leading airlines across the globe will be able to use data as their greatest asset,” said Scott Collins, VP Global Partnership Organization at Teradata. “Vantage provides GE Digital with the flexibility of a multi-cloud platform that makes it easy to deliver their new offerings and the two companies are also working together on integrated software that makes it easier for our joint customers to consume more data and insights.”

Appen Delivers High-Quality Training Data and Quality Assurance Services for Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

Appen Limited (ASX:APX), a leading provider of high-quality training data for organizations that build effective AI systems at scale, announced enhanced capabilities to ensure autonomous vehicle manufacturers have access to high-quality training data and can get the most value from their training data investment. High-quality training data is essential to ensuring autonomous vehicles operate safely and as expected, and Appen, which works with 7 of the 10 largest global automotive companies and tier 1 suppliers, can deliver 99+% accuracy for highly complex multimodal AI projects.

“It isn’t enough for vehicles to perform well in simulated or good weather conditions in one type of topography,” said Wilson Pang, CTO of Appen. “They must perform flawlessly in all weather conditions in every imaginable road scenario they will encounter in real world deployments. This means that teams working on the machine learning (ML) model for the vehicle’s AI must focus on getting training data with the highest possible accuracy before being able to deploy on the road. Our customers trust us with their most complex training data annotation scenarios because our industry-leading annotation platform and services enable us to deliver the high quality necessary to power multi-modal self-driving car algorithms.”

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service applies AI to help customers uncover risks and make more informed project decisions

Oracle announced Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service, a new suite of AI and analytics applications for the engineering and construction industry. Construction projects often run into problems that impact productivity, safety, and profitability. The new suite uses machine learning to continually analyze project data managed in Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions to identify these potential risks and inefficiencies early, helping organizations make better decisions.

“Engineering and construction organizations are struggling to mine their data for useful insights into the performance of their projects and operations,” said Mark Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Construction and Engineering. “Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service was shaped by our customers’ need for intuitive tools to make their project outcomes more predictable and their businesses more competitive and profitable.”

EraDB Unveils Log Management Alternative that Cuts Cloud Hardware Costs by 80 Percent

EraDB, the database company that helps enterprises manage hyperscale, cloud-native workloads, announced EraSearch, an Elasticsearch-compatible alternative for log management built on EraDB technology. EraSearch drastically reduces the complexity of ingesting, storing, and exploring large volumes of logs and dramatically reduces the resources required to operate existing solutions. By improving on a traditional decoupled storage and compute architecture, EraSearch is able to provide lightning-fast access to logs in real-time, while ensuring that durable copies of data always live within object storage, such as on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), Google Cloud Storage (GCS), or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Available now, EraSearch cuts cloud hardware costs by up to 80 percent and operational costs by up to 75 percent. This new log management offering benefits companies of all sizes, whether they are ingesting gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes of data every day.

“From a first principles perspective, the architecture of existing solutions like Elasticsearch is fundamentally incompatible with the current and future growth of log data, particularly in a cloud-native world. Built on decades-old technology, these tools were never designed to handle data at this scale. As a result, customers are now experiencing exorbitantly high costs and crushing operational toil for what should ostensibly be a simple storage and retrieval problem,” said Todd Persen, Co-Founder and CEO of EraDB. “By applying a modern, cloud-native architecture, we have solved these traditional limitations—by removing them entirely—and instead offer customers a low-cost, limitlessly-scalable solution that can be run in any environment. Our goal is for our customers to effortlessly store and explore logs from any source, at any scale, at any level of complexity, and with EraSearch we have realized that vision.”

MDM Leader Profisee Announces Integration with Microsoft Azure Data Services

Profisee, a pioneer in master data management (MDM) solutions, announced that its recently released platform-as-service (PaaS) multi-domain MDM solution now includes new native integration with Microsoft Azure data services. As easy to deploy as a native Microsoft app, Profisee’s native integration with Azure Data Factory and compatibility with other complimentary Azure services like Azure Purview and Azure Synapse Analytics delivers new MDM capabilities to accelerate the benefits of Azure. With machine learning-based matching, Profisee’s MDM solution improves data quality and governance by aligning and combining foundational master data and drives data consistency across disparate sources. Leveraging Profisee, Azure users can derive greater business insights and value by achieving operational agility, accelerated digital transformations and regulatory compliance. 

“We are seeing increasing demand from our customers to deploy in Microsoft Azure, so we are pleased to be able to work closely with the Azure development teams to ensure our MDM platform fits neatly into the Azure ecosystem with minimum overlap and maximum synergy,” said Eric Melcher, CTO of Profisee. “Our integration with Azure Data Factory embeds Profisee – and high quality, trusted data – directly into Azure, adding value for our customers.”

GigaSpaces Optimizes the Balance between Performance and Cost with InsightEdge Portfolio v15.8 

GigaSpaces, a leading provider of in-memory computing platforms that drive digital transformation, announced the availability of GigaSpaces InsightEdge Portfolio version 15.8, which offers new advanced functionality to significantly reduce memory footprint for optimizing infrastructure costs, turbo boost SQL query and BI performance and increase the organization’s agility with cloud native lifecycle management, introducing Kubernetes Operator support.

“As our customers accelerate their digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives, following the COVID-19 disruption, the sensitivity to cloud expenses and elasticity, along with the need for high performance and speed is growing more than ever,” said Yuval Dror, VP R&D at GigaSpaces. “The release of InsightEdge Portfolio version 15.8 delivers our best performance results to date for operational and analytical workloads, and higher elasticity to handle expected and unexpected peaks; all while reducing infrastructure and cloud costs.”  

YugabyteDB 2.4 Expands Distributed SQL Features to Support More Cloud Native Workloads

Yugabyte, a leader in open source distributed SQL databases, announced the general availability of YugabyteDB 2.4 with hardened enterprise-grade security features, enhanced multi-region deployment capabilities, and performance improvements. The newest iteration of Yugabyte’s open source database improves on the existing high availability, horizontal scalability, and ease-of-use characteristics of YugabyteDB, furthering the company’s mission of providing the default distributed SQL database for cloud-native applications in a multi-cloud world.

“Yugabyte is building the distributed SQL database for the cloud-native world,” said Karthik Ranganathan, CTO, Yugabyte. “The release of YugabyteDB 2.4 accelerates our mission of providing the distributed database of choice for multi-cloud environments. The combination of the major software enhancements and enterprise-grade security features available in 2.4 enables our customers to better extract full value from their data in production-grade environments, providing the comprehensive database solution needed to maximize cloud investments.”

IOTech edge software platform now supports Computer Vision and AI at the IoT edge

IOTech, the edge software company, announced that the latest release of Edge Xpert features new capabilities to support computer vision and AI at the IoT edge. Edge Xpert, a leading edge computing platform, is the company’s value-add and commercial implementation of EdgeX Foundry.

Edge Xpert (v1.8) is now delivered with an add-on for computer vision that enables users to run their AI algorithms and vision models at the edge. Based on Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit, the Edge Xpert computer vision service provides users with the capability to deploy advanced vision-based workloads alongside their existing intelligent edge solutions.

“Providing our users with the ability to easily run computer vision inference and advanced AI at the edge is an exciting advancement as they launch solutions into the market,” said Keith Steele, IOTech founder and CEO. “There are literally thousands of vison-based use cases, from automatic theft detection to safety systems and predictive maintenance, that all rely on computer vision and AI at the edge. We will soon be announcing a number of key partnerships and innovations in this space.”

New AI-based Tools Enable Quantum Computers to ‘Selft-tune’ for Unparalleled Results

A new AI-based tool-set developed by scientists at Q-CTRL enables quantum computers to optimize their own performance autonomously without user intervention.

The fundamental building blocks of quantum algorithms are extremely susceptible to errors, posing the most substantial barrier to progress in quantum computing.  Q-CTRL’s new tools use custom AI agents to enact algorithms with fewer errors and ultimately better performance for quantum computing end users. Available as a new feature on the company’s flagship BOULDER OPAL software, the Automated Closed-Loop Hardware Optimization tool leverages AI to achieve unparalleled results from quantum computers without users needing a detailed understanding of the hardware. 

“Just like software abstraction on conventional computers enables programmers to write algorithms without a need to understand how a transistor works, this tool makes it much easier for researchers to explore the potential of quantum computers,” said Michael J. Biercuk, founder and CEO of Q-CTRL. “We believe it will accelerate the development of quantum computer hardware and applications, pushing the industry closer toward delivering real-world business value.”

Dremio Announces Support for Apache Arrow Flight High-Performance Data Transfer

Dremio, an innovation leader in data lake transformation, announced support for Apache Arrow Flight, an open source data connectivity technology co-developed by Dremio that radically improves data transfer rates. As a result, client applications can now communicate with Dremio’s data lake service more than 10 times faster than using decade-old technologies, such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). 

“Even as data volumes have increased by orders of magnitude, companies have had to continue to rely upon such archaic 25-year-old technologies like ODBC and JDBC for data transfer. While these technologies are fine for applications that require small datasets, they are a bottleneck for modern applications, such as machine learning, where millions of records are retrieved over the wire. Today we are announcing the availability of Arrow Flight in Dremio, which will open the door for new applications of data and set the performance standard for high-speed data transfer in the modern enterprise,” said Tomer Shiran, founder and chief product officer at Dremio. 

Sisense Unveils Sisense Fusion, an AI-Driven Analytics Platform Designed to Make Data Analytics Simple, Scalable and Actionable

​​​Sisense, a leading AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere, announced Sisense Fusion. Optimized to bring actionable intelligence to employees and customers, Sisense Fusion helps organizations infuse analytics everywhere, whether that is to provide more value to their customers, transform their business or generate new products and innovations. Sisense does this by going beyond the dashboard to allow users to build customized analytic experiences inside their customer and employee-facing applications for delivering analytics to people – when and where they need them.

“Sisense empowers businesses, their partners and customers to infuse analytics everywhere, and act on their data at the right time, every time. For too long, users have been drowning in the complexity of data and don’t know what actions to take,” said Ashley Kramer, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Sisense. “We are removing these hurdles and delivering actionable intelligence where people work, in their applications, workflows and business process so they can focus on innovation and disrupt markets.” 

PricefxPartners with Bain & Company to Launch the Pricing Industry’s First Big Data Powered Benchmarking Platform

Pricefx, a leader in cloud-native pricing software, launched PricefxPlasma™, the first big data powered benchmarking platform for the pricing industry. Powered by Bain & Company, PricefxPlasma leverages real world pricing data mapped to industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs). Businesses can discover strategic insights on their own pricing processes and performance as compared to market averages using benchmarks on a pre-defined set of industry relevant KPIs. 

“Every company is looking for an edge over the competition and pricing is one of the strongest levers for success in the marketplace,” said Marcin Cichon, CEO and co-founder at Pricefx. “By launching the first pricing analytics and intelligence platform via a joint project with our valued partners at Bain, Pricefx is giving its customers a whole new level of cross-industry insights. PricefxPlasma is a revolutionary new offering for the pricing industry, providing businesses the information and insights to improve pricing efficiency and effectiveness and uncover new opportunities for revenue growth.” 

Varada Can Now Seamlessly, Yet Dramatically, Accelerate Queries on Trino (PrestoSQL), Enabling Data Teams to Leverage the Power of Big Data Indexing 

Varada, a data lake query acceleration innovator, made available a new feature enabling data teams to accelerate by 10x-100x queries running on Trino clusters (formerly known as PrestoSQL), directly on the data lake. This new capability follows Varada’s product launch in late 2020. In addition to the option to deploy Varada as an independent data lake analytics platform, Varada can now be deployed alongside existing Trino clusters and seamlessly apply its dynamic and adaptive indexing-based acceleration technology. SQL queries can continue running as is, with no additional configurations. It is currently available on AWS and is compatible with all Trino and previous PrestoSQL versions.

“Varada learns and analyzes Trino workloads to apply the optimal cache and indexing strategy autonomously,” explained Eran Vanounou, CEO at Varada. “Enabling Trino clusters to leverage Varada’s acceleration is as simple as installing a .JAR file to the nodes. Any query using presto-hive to access the data lake, such as S3 or HDFS, can benefit from Varada’s unprecedented query performance.” 

Concentric Extends Industry’s Most Comprehensive Zero Trust Data Access Governance Solution With Unique User-Oriented View Into Risk and Activity

Concentric Inc., a leading vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for protecting business-critical data, announced the latest advancements in its Semantic Intelligence™ data access governance solution for autonomous identification and risk assessment of inappropriate access, data sharing and user interactions – now with unique insights into user-related risks and support for both structured and unstructured data.

“Before today, writing and tuning rules and policies was an unavoidable part of data risk management,” said Karthik Krishnan, Concentric CEO. “For many organizations, the overhead was simply too much and these risks simply weren’t addressed. Semantic Intelligence changes the equation with the industry’s best autonomous data discovery and categorization capability, now for structured data in addition to unstructured data, that gives enterprises the tools they need for effective risk management. Offered as a SaaS platform, the solution’s time-to-value is days, not weeks or months as with other solutions.”

Esri Releases ArcGIS Velocity for Analysis of Real-Time IoT Data

Esri, a leader in location intelligence, announced the release of ArcGIS Velocity. Previously known as ArcGIS Analytics for IoT, Velocity is a new cloud-native capability for ingestion, processing, visualization, and analysis of real-time and high-volume geospatial data on the fly. It complements existing systems with geographic information system (GIS) technology by spatially enabling Internet of Things (IoT) data from current providers and simplifying real-time data analysis. Velocity enables users to capture information from sensors, moving objects, or anything that changes over time, and then automatically flag patterns, trends, and anomalies. This will allow deployed personnel to access time-critical information the moment they need it.

“This new capability will help organizations take advantage of the insights made possible by the Internet of Things with up-to-the-second data and improved situational awareness,” said Jack Dangermond, Esri founder and president. “Organizations will now be able to easily connect to the increasingly real-time world.”

Hazelcast Extends the In-Memory Digital Integration Hub to the Cloud

Hazelcast, the fast cloud application platform, released an update to its stream processing engine, Hazelcast Jet, that simplifies the migration to hybrid cloud environments by adding an Amazon Kinesis connector for out-of-the-box integrations with the leading messaging bus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). These additions to the streaming engine also standardizes access methods to cloud storage via SQL, which enables enterprises to more easily build low-latency applications and leverage a fast access and query layer driven by a fast, in-memory digital integration hub (DIH) powered by Hazelcast

“Architects are increasingly seeking an application platform that can run high-performance business applications in the cloud,” said David Brimley, chief product officer (CPO) at Hazelcast. “As more move to a digital integration hub, operational apps will deliver even more analytical outputs, and lead to new, real-time insights. This is in stark contrast to batch processing, which cannot support day-to-day operational applications.”

Kite Releases Team Server, an Enterprise Grade Self-Hosted Machine Learning Engine That Provides Personalized Code Completion at Scale

Kite, a leading AI-powered coding assistant that helps programmers code faster with Multi-Line Completions, announced the availability of Kite Team Server. Kite Team Server is the industry’s first enterprise-ready self-hosted Machine Learning (ML) engine for four token autocomplete technology. Today’s product release builds on the existing UI of Kite Free, which 400,000 developers use to code 18% faster each month.

“Over 400,000 developers trust Kite, including software engineers at 35% of the Fortune 500, and so this technology has been stress tested the past few years,” said Adam Smith, CEO and co-founder. “We have grown from a single Python code completion tool into present-day where enterprise teams can use Kite across 16 programming languages. Our users asked for this enterprise version of Kite. So this completions engine is a solution that is agile enough to provide value to teams of just a few developers and robust enough to support thousands of simultaneous users. Our new enterprise-grade application architecture satisfies the most rigorous IT and security requirements.”

Teradata Provides 30-Day Free Trial for Modern Cloud Data Analytics

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the cloud data analytics platform company, announced the availability of Vantage Trial to provide free, 30-day access to Teradata Vantage in the cloud for business analysts, data scientists, and IT operations personnel. With easy-to-use web-based tools and applications for performing advanced analytics, Vantage Trial provides a taste of what customers get with their paid subscriptions to Vantage in the cloud.

With Teradata Vantage – the leading hybrid multi-cloud data analytics software platform that unifies data warehouses, data lakes, and analytics – enterprise-scale companies can eliminate silos and cost-effectively query all their data, all the time, to get a complete view of their business. Vantage is the only data warehouse and analytics platform to provide consistent features and software across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments across the top three public cloud vendors – Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure – offering maximum flexibility and choice to its data-driven customers.

“As a cloud-first data analytics platform company, it is imperative that we show how Teradata Vantage can help all users get the most value from their data – and Vantage Trial is tailored to do just that,” said Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata. “Business analysts will see how Vantage simplifies the extraction of insights and the operationalization of workflows. Data scientists and developers will experience time savings and the power of built-in analytic functions. IT operations will witness the speed at which Vantage connects to and queries object storage data lakes such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2, and soon Google Cloud Storage. It’s all part of the easy-to-use, free, web-based Vantage Trial environment available now.”

Alogent Turns Siloed Transaction Data into Actionable Business Intelligence with its latest Enterprise Release of AWARE: A Cross-Channel, Data Analytics, and Visualization Platform

Alogent, a global banking and financial software leader serving banks and credit unions in the U.S. and abroad, announced the newest enterprise-release of AWARE, a cross-channel data aggregation and reporting platform. By breaking down internal data silos that have traditionally hindered information sharing between lines of business and an institution-wide view into products and services, user journeys, feature adoptions, and risk mitigation, AWARE is proven to deliver actionable business intelligence at community institutions and Tier 1 banks, increasing account holder engagement and the ability to leverage personalization more effectively.

“AWARE brings an institution’s data together in a powerful and visual data intelligence platform that applies predictive analytics, deep search capabilities and machine learning,” said Jason Schwabline, Alogent’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Deployed with institutions of varying sizes, AWARE scales to ensure an organization’s data is effectively leveraged as its greatest asset.”

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