Generative AI Report: SnapLogic Introduces Generative Integration Solution

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SnapLogic, a leader in generative integration, announced the general availability of SnapGPT, a generative integration solution. SnapGPT is the first available generative enterprise solution that empowers everyone to integrate faster and easier. Leveraging open source and proprietary large-language models and artificial intelligence, SnapGPT allows users to integrate any applications or data sources with natural language. SnapGPT’s ease of use allows enterprises to eliminate costly IT backlogs and accelerate the development of new business processes, all in a secure environment.

“We are starting to see the initial benefits of Generative Integration. It’s early days but we can already see its potential to increase team efficiency,” said Nancy Mustachio, Director of Enterprise Applications at Barnard College. “Our team of developers has used SnapGPT to create and test integration workflows in under an hour, compared to days. I foresee SnapGPT will continue to advance and be able to handle more complex integrations. We’re excited to be at the forefront.”

SnapLogic’s unique generative integration solution gives companies competitive advantages in innovation, creating data-driven decision-making, and seamlessly connecting diverse systems and data sources by empowering any employee to create new integrations just by using natural language. For integration specialists, SnapGPT streamlines workflows, reduces manual intervention and enhances development efficiency on an unparalleled scale. SnapGPT catalyzes business by: 

  • Finally Democratizing Integration: SnapGPT empowers employees with any job title or technical skill level to easily and quickly create workflows and data pipelines via natural language prompts in nearly 100 different languages.
  • Delivering Faster Time to Value: SnapGPT auto-generates sample data for testing and comprehensive documentation for each integration, allowing employees to validate new business workflows and put them into production at speed never thought possible. Furthermore, users can now generate workflow and pipeline descriptions which significantly reduce integration maintenance costs.
  • Reducing IT Integration Workloads: SnapGPT acts as a tireless, intelligent co-pilot, providing contextual suggestions and real-time guidance throughout the integration process, boosting confidence and providing self-service to users of all experience levels while eliminating strain on IT to assist, create, test and monitor integration builds.

“The speed of deployment and security is top of mind for every business technology leader. SnapGPT will help any team deliver technology products and services faster, resulting in a competitive edge,” said Jeremiah Stone, CTO at SnapLogic. “SnapLogic is dedicated to making valuable projects and complex systems easy to integrate and ship to market. We started this AI journey seven years ago and are accelerating it with generative integration to spread integration from IT to all parts of the business. Our passion is to make the integration process intuitive and easy to remove complexity and technical debt, working faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

SnapGPT is a combination of large-language models, proprietary AI-powered integration automation and data and security controls. SnapGPT is part of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform and is available free of charge to new and existing customers. 

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