MongoDB Big Data Industry Predictions for 2024

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Our friends over at MongoDB have prepared a special set of compelling technology predictions for the year ahead. MongoDB team’s predictions for the upcoming year cover topics including AI, diversity in tech, security, cloud, and more.

Attributable to Mindy Lieberman, CIO, MongoDB 

“Given the uncertainty around the economy and the geopolitical situation, this will be a year of evolution, not revolution. Leaders will want to do more with less and ensure that they are getting maximum values from the investments already made. The one exception is AI. With AI on the rise, we’re going to see more technology vendors continue their rush to introduce AI-boosted capabilities into their software. But in 2024, business leaders will need to make sure they’re applying AI in a responsible manner. CIOs will need to develop systems that are core to their business operations, deliver operational efficiency, and safely utilize their internal data, which could mean hiring people with new skills. The journey to AI-based operational efficiency will take significantly longer than expected, but it will eventually be meaningful.”

Attributable to Matt Asay, Vice President of Developer Relations, MongoDB 

“Ironically, the dominant tech trend in 2024 won’t be AI, but it will be the technology that enables AI: cloud. Even though 90% of IT spending is still related to on-premises deployment, there’s a major shift happening with AI as most of its workloads run on the elastic infrastructure that cloud offers. The cloud is doing the heavy lifting by making it easier to manage data, infrastructure, and more, enabling organizations to implement AI in a productive and efficient manner. If quiet, that will be the biggest tech trend for 2024 and many years to come.”

Attributable to Tara Hernandez, VP of Developer Productivity, MongoDB

“AI-powered developer tools will become even more pervasive across many stages of the development cycle. The main challenge is knowing how to properly leverage AI technology in a way that manages cost and compliance to data policies. Many organizations have rushed to implement AI and are running now into serious issues in terms of copyright and intellectual property claims. We still don’t know what all of these implications will be, but this complexity will have a disproportionate impact on startups. It’s important that in 2024 organizations figure out how to manage issues like security, privacy, and intellectual property as well as correctness when it comes to AI-powered developer tools.”

“Outside of AI, diversity in tech will continue to be an area that needs focus in 2024. Companies that invest in creating a successful hybrid/remote environment will likely have a higher success rate in building and maintaining a diverse employee base. In both cases, there’s a need for good internal documentation and communication practices, high standards around virtual meeting culture, and better metrics to quantify successful performance. It’s all about focusing on objective rather than subjective assessments.”

Attributable to Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer, MongoDB

“The market is facing an unprecedented challenge: balancing the need for cost-cutting with the imperative of embracing AI innovation. On one hand, rising capital costs and recession fears are pushing businesses to tighten their belts. On the other hand, AI’s transformative potential cannot be ignored. To navigate this crossroads, business and technology leaders must move fast to capture the AI momentum, seeking partners who can consolidate their technology footprints and deliver cost savings, efficiencies, and scalability. By freeing up resources, organizations can reinvest their time and money back into AI innovation.”

Attributable to Lena Smart, CISO, MongoDB

“There are three top priorities for CISOs and security professionals in 2024. For one, they need to ensure that everyone within the organization understands their responsibility in cybersecurity, not just the security team, which can be accomplished by implementing robust training programs. Additionally, they need to continuously educate employees about phishing scams and the importance of not clicking on suspicious links by incorporating tools to minimize spam and phishing attempts. Finally, security experts need to employ queryable encryption to protect sensitive data even if it is compromised by ransomware.”

Attributable to Andrew Davidson, SVP of Products, MongoDB 

“The world is currently fixated on AI and it’s easy to put it into a box and look for the next big thing. While some may see this as a moment in time, I believe it is a prelude to a surge of groundbreaking new software innovation in the coming year. The big impact of AI isn’t going to be something as big and shiney as self-driving cars. The true impact of AI will be through small accomplishments like automating parts of the software that we already use every day. By achieving these smaller tasks, we’re creating a bigger impact, but most people won’t be able to pinpoint any one big innovation. The beauty of it is that it’s going to keep innovating for us and we will all be the beneficiaries of it.”

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