Cultivating Ethical Intelligence: Navigating the Landscape of AI Ethics in the Digital Age

In this contributed article, Dev Nag is the CEO/Founder at QueryPal, discusses how the evolving regulatory environment, highlighted by initiatives like the Biden administration’s executive order, alongside proactive platform actions such as X’s response to the Taylor Swift deepfake incident, offers a roadmap for fostering responsible AI innovation. By integrating these insights into their ethical frameworks, leaders can champion a culture of exploration and advancement in AI, grounded in principles of integrity and transparency. 

What Impact Will Ethical AI Have on the Future of Data Science?

In this contributed article, April Miller, senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, believes that as people continue exploring ways to use AI in modern society, there’s an increasing concern about ensuring all the current, potential and future applications operate ethically. Many professionals have devoted themselves to furthering ethical AI principles by developing guidelines, best practices and other resources for the industry at large to use. Data science practices will inevitably be altered, as well.