5 Innovative Ways to Improve Human Resources through Artificial Intelligence

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The evolution of information technologies brought significant changes in the way human resources are being managed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how companies develop HR plans and manage their workforce.

Why all this effort? What does AI have to do with more effective HR management? As it turns out, technology can boost the overall engagement and productivity of employees. Organizations with employee engagement programs reach 26% more year-over-year increase in revenue. Is that a good enough reason to accept artificial intelligence as a solution that can push your company forward?

Let’s go through 5 innovative ways to revolutionize human resource management through artificial intelligence.

1. Rely on Talent Acquisition Software

Technology can take loads of the monotonous work off a HR manager’s shoulders. Talent acquisition software makes their work less stressful, but more effective at the same time. It eliminates the majority of candidates from the recruiting process, leaving you with a small percentage you can quickly evaluate.

The recruiter gains immense benefits from talent acquisition software. They get more time to analyze and evaluate relevant candidates. As a result, they improve their overall hiring decisions. The companies gain benefits, too. Avoiding poor hiring decisions saves them a lot of money.

2. AI for Performance Analysis

Recruiters are constantly striving to hire engaged and productive employees. Those qualities are not easy to find, but they are even more difficult to maintain. That’s why it’s essential for HR managers to monitor the behavior and growth of the company’s employees.

Through AI tools, the organization can set specific objectives and monitor how all units work towards them. With this approach, HR managers can easily detect team members who are lagging behind, as well as the productive ones. With those findings, they can implement proper measures to motivate and educate the employees further.

3. Use Technology to Help New Workers Adapt

Once a HR manager hires new people in the team, they have to help them adapt to the new working environment. Even the most talented workers can have problems with the adaptation process. Artificial intelligence can help.

Think about it: it’s impossible for you to dedicate a lot of time to every single new employee you accept in the team. A well-planned onboarding program based on proper technology can make the process of adaptation smoother.

Onboarding is no longer about face-to-face orientation. It’s about connecting the new employees into the organization’s online environment, where all supervisors, workers, and managers are connected.

4. Rely on Technology to Help Them Grow

A good employee never stops learning. It’s important for HR departments to organize learning sessions for the team, so everyone will keep improving and expanding their professional skills. Technology supports the process of successful planning, organizing, and coordinating training programs.

There are tons of online courses to explore. However, your organization can also develop a specialized online course that will fit the specific preferences and needs of its employees.

5. AI Can Help with Retention Rates, Too

Retaining employees is a huge problem for hiring managers. Mark Murphy, the author of Hire for Attitude, found that 46% of new hires failed within 18 months. Thanks to AI, you can analyze and predict the needs of new employees, so you can work towards better retention.

You can use software to analyze the performance and reveal the individual strengths of the workers. Thanks to the information they get from such a tool, HR managers can be proactive and solve problems before they even occur.

Technology Is Everywhere

No organization can remain immune to technological progress. It’s in every aspect of the work. The hiring and retention processes, in particular, can become much more effective when technology is being used the right way. HR executives can rely on AI to make better hiring decisions, monitor the employees, and push them towards better results.

About the Author

Eva Wislow is a career coach and HR Executive at resume writing service CareersBooster.com. She is on a mission to help people find their true calling. Eva maintains a strong interest in bringing the digital revolution in human resources. She finds her inspiration in writing and peace of mind through yoga. Connect with Eva on Twitter.


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