R2.ai Launches SaaS-based AutoML Tool to Drive Mass AI Adoption

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R2.ai, which enables businesses and individuals to develop AI solutions on their own, announced the availability of its software as a service (SaaS) offering. Originally an on-premise solution, R2.ai’s new SaaS platform makes it easier for a broader range of businesses and individuals to develop and deploy AI with little AI expertise. Businesses and individuals interested in developing their own AI solutions or accelerating slow-moving AI projects are invited to sign up for a free trial at www.r2.ai.

The barriers to entry for bringing machine learning capabilities to various business applications are high on many fronts such as talents, time, costs, and uncertain results. In addition, the hardware and infrastructure investments are also quite high for AI development. These are the reasons why R2.ai has been on a mission to make it easier and more affordable for broader companies and individuals to leverage machine learning capabilities to solve data mining problems without advanced skills in AI and the expensive upfront investment.

We believe we can more rapidly drive mass AI adoption by offering our AI development and deployment technology in the cloud,” said Yiwen Huang, founder and CEO of R2.ai. “With the launch of our cloud-based R2 Learn product, we empower people with little AI expertise to develop AI applications right away and with little up-front cost. R2 Learn in the cloud makes harnessing the massive power of data-driven insights in a fraction of time and at a much lower cost possible.”

R2.ai is proud to be the only player in the market with these combined technologies that tackle key AI development pain points:

  • End-to-end automatic model development and operation mode for non-machine learning experts;
  • Advanced model development and operation mode for machine learning experts;
  • Superior modeling performance and efficieny;
  • Transparent and explainable modeling process;
  • Self-learning capabilities for continuous self-improvement;
  • SaaS and on-premise offerings for different market demands.

R2 Learn has the power to change the way businesses or individuals developing machine learning models. You can now benefit from AI with or without machine learning expertise. If you are able to apply machine learning in your business faster, better and cheaper, then you have clear advantage over your competitors.” said Huang. “We invite everyone to try R2 Learn for free on our website and look forward to hearing your feedback. For customers who want help on evaluating AI possibilities, we are also happy to offer free initial consultation.”


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