The Big Data Dilemma

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The Big Data Dilemma made a huge splash in the last Fundata Film Festival – the best-kept secrets of both the film and data industries – and grabbed the Official Selection designation of 2021.

Shattering the ‘data-driven’ hype and revealing the coin-flipping truth, The Big Data Dilemma brings together global data anti-vangelists to tell it as it is, or at least as they believe it is. To quote Ashit Yunot, a data science PhD, “Data means nothing. And I have tons of data to back it up.”

The falsely-labeled ‘mockumentary – it’s actually a documentary, really, there’s nothing funny about it; if anything the revelations in the film promote a certain sadness – demolishes long-held beliefs in such powerhouse buzz-slogans as ‘data is power’ and ‘data is the new oil’ only to expose the real power of instinct, gut and of course luck, as the true foundations of any successful business.

In the climax of the film, the great pudding philosopher, Albert Nonsense, shares that he, after a lifelong of research into the origin of data, has finally found the proof, “Pharrell didn’t stay up all night to get data-driven, he stayed up all night to get lucky.” A shocking conclusion to a film that mesmerized basically no one.

And a wonderful April Fools Day to all! Courtesy of our friends over at Firebolt.

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