AI For the Future of Work.

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AI has been a buzzword and businesses are all at different stages of implementing it. But is it actually solving anything? MIT Sloan and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) answer that question in a new report Achieving Individual – and Organization- Value with AI.  

Among respondents who report that their organization obtains moderate, significant, or extensive value from AI, the vast majority (85%) claim that they personally obtain value from AI through the following:  

AI as your workplace performance coach 

AI tools help individuals excel in their independence by helping them learn from past actions, projecting outcomes of current actions, and even offering feedback on your past actions in order to improve work performance. 

Using AI for a better customer service experience 

If using AI would make your customer service interactions improve, why wouldn’t you use it? For example, Walgreens found that if they can better predict when a customer’s pharmacy order will be ready, it improves both customer satisfaction and worker satisfaction. In this new study from MIT Sloan and BCG, it was noted that AI is making worker’s lives easier, in simple ways that we may not always be aware of. 

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