Generative AI Report: CommandBar Releases AI-Powered HelpHub to Overlay ChatGPT Onto Any Product

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CommandBar announced its new AI-powered product HelpHub. The launch builds upon its existing User Assistance Platform, which currently serves more than 10 million end users across hundreds of customers. Any company can train HelpHub on their documentation – help content, walkthroughs, marketing site, forums, and more – and produce an AI chatbot that their users can interact with using natural language.

“We’re giving any company the power to create a personalized, in-app ChatGPT scoped to their unique content,” said CommandBar CEO James Evans. “It’s exciting to see our largest customers adopting this technology with such gusto. It’s evolved so rapidly from powering hack week projects to answering user queries accurately and flexibly in production.” 

CommandBar counts unicorn software companies like HashiCorp, Gusto, Freshworks, Netlify, Yotpo, LaunchDarkly and others among its customers. In addition to AI chat, HelpHub gives users one place to access and search (using natural language) a company’s help center. The end goal of the product is to educate customers in a personalized way, resulting in better customer onboarding and freeing up human support teams to spend time on only the most complex cases.

“Seeing our customers’ results, it’s clear that every software company will have an experience like this in months, not years,” Evans said. “And we’re here to help any company speed up that process and start driving results, using our expertise, insights from our customers, and large end-user reach.”

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