Report Highlights Policy Changes to Manage AI Displacement

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The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) has just released a new report, “Generative AI, Jobs, and Policy Response,” focused on the biggest pain points regarding GenAI, specifically how it will impact the workforce. 

While it’s clear that AI will displace some work, one of the big takeaways for policymakers is the need to focus on “the great unknown” – nearly 300 million people where the potential job loss or change due to AI is currently unclear. There is a pressing need for governments and policymakers to work together to help employers understand the impacts and make an effort now to lessen that impact. 

Sama’s Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy, Alex Shee, serves on the GPAI Working Group on the Future of Work and contributed to this brief’s creation. The report’s findings provide recommendations on how GenAI will influence the future of work – especially what policymakers should be considering now as they review AI-related regulations.

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