PwC’s 2023 Emerging Technology Survey

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Our friends over at PwC released its 2023 Emerging Technology Survey, unveiling the seismic impact emerging technologies have on top-performing companies and highlighting the critical role of AI in driving business model reinvention and long-term innovation.  

The results are clear – AI is not just a passing trend, it’s a strategic imperative that no business can afford to ignore. Key takeaways include:  

  • AI takes center stage: 55% of companies invested in AI in the past 12 months, citing the technology as their top investment priority 
  • The AI revolution will only continue: 58% of companies are poised to continue prioritizing AI investments in the coming year 
  • Tech budgets are on the rise: 89% of companies are planning to increase their overall tech budget in the next year, coinciding with the latest increase in tech-related jobs  

Interested in learning more about the results? Just click HERE.  

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