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“Intelligent Storage” Market Survey Shows Growing Problem Moving Large Data Sets for a Variety of Applications

G2M Research, an analyst firm covering the Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe) marketplace, released the results of its recent survey on the need for “Intelligence storage” for applications with large data sets. The survey, sponsored by NGD Systems, was conducted across 112 respondents from organizations involved in Big Data, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

What’s in a Name? Data Lakes and “Bazaars”

In this contributed article, Steve Wooledge, Vice President of Marketing at Arcadia Data discusses the evolution of the data lake and its importance to the enterprise today. Any disillusionment with Hadoop or data lakes is not because the data platform isn’t working. Scale, speed, and security have all been fixed. It’s a lack of self-service access for business end users measured on those same dimensions – scale, speed, security… and of course, ease of use.

Magnetic Swirling Patterns May Offer A New Solution To Data Storage

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews examines a new and potentially game-changing data storage technology involving the use of skyrmions, quasiparticles which have been predicted theoretically and observed experimentally in condensed matter systems. Scientists feel confident about future applications of the skyrmion structure could be used as improvements for conventional data storage devices.

File Storage Faces a Perfect Storm, But There’s a Way Out

In this special guest feature, Peter Godman, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at universal-scale file storage company Qumulo, discusses the situation where a combination of conditions have come together to form a perfect storm of storage disruption that existing large-scale file systems will find hard to weather.

Cloudera Changes the Game in Cloud-based Data Warehouses with Cloudera Altus Analytic DB (beta)

Cloudera, Inc., (NYSE: CLDR), the modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, announced the upcoming beta release of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB. Cloudera Altus Analytic DB is the first data warehouse cloud service that brings the warehouse to the data through a unique cloud-scale architecture that eliminates complex and costly data movement.

AI-Driven Data Management Is Your Surfboard for Surviving the Big Data Tsunami

In this contributed article, Murthy Mathiprakasam, Director, Product Marketing at Informatica, discusses how organizations quickly get value from big data through the increased adoption of Data Lake Management practices.

INFINIDAT Accelerates Digital Transformation for Enterprises and Service Providers

INFINIDAT, a leading independent provider of petabyte-scale data storage solutions, announced the latest release of the company’s InfiniBox core operating software. InfiniBox R4 gives enterprise customers the ability to reduce TCO and enhance functional richness, ease of use and reliability.

Fluree PBC Launches FlureeDB — Scalable, Blockchain Cloud Database

Companies and developers wanting to integrate the decentralization, immutability, and consensus benefits of blockchain technology into their existing data infrastructure and business applications finally have an enterprise-grade product with which to do so. FlureeDB — a scalable, blockchain cloud database — launched for public beta use.

MongoDB 3.6 Empowers Enterprises and Developers to Move at the Speed of Data

MongoDB Inc. (Nasdaq: MDB), the company behind a leading modern, general purpose database platform, today announced the release of MongoDB 3.6.

TigerGraph Adds Role-Based Security to Its Enterprise-Ready Graph Database Platform

TigerGraph, creator of the native parallel graph database platform for enterprise applications, announced the addition of role- and view-based security to its Native Parallel Graph (NPG) platform. The new feature delivers enhanced security, enabling enterprises to create and administer access to subgraphs on a single cluster for controlled data access.