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COVID and Compliance Shape 2021’s Data Workflow and Forensics Trends

In this special guest feature, Bobby Balachandran, CEO, President and Founder of Exterro, discusses how upholding data integrity – the qualities of consistency, accuracy and reliability of digital information – has always been a priority for organizations. It’s not just a job for IT. Maintaining data integrity is an overarching obligation, although each department’s priorities will be nuanced by their specific roles and responsibilities.

Financial Chief Data Officers Making Advances in Data Management and Compliance but Over Half of Manual Processes Remain

A new survey, conducted by WBR Insights among data and information technology executives within the financial services sector and sponsored by InterSystems, highlights that financial organizations are allocating significant portions of their budget to compliance initiatives, and that 54% of those surveyed further revealed that at least half of these functions are still performed manually within their organization.

Leveraging AI for Optimal Privacy Compliance — Does it Outweigh the Concerns?

In this special guest feature, Itzhak Assaraf, CTO and Founder at, says you may have reams of personally identifiable information (PII) sitting somewhere in a database, but it’s of little use if you don’t have any way to make sense of it all. Artificial Intelligence is what helps make sense out of all this data, by analyzing, categorizing, and managing it so that insights can be easily extracted and put to use. And by nature, the more data AI ingests, the more accurate it becomes in its ability to make sense out of the mess.

How Compliance Officers Can Get Some Much-Needed Rest

In this special guest feature, Peter Duthie, Co-CEO and Chief Architect for Ground Labs, discusses how to address data security at the c-suite level and why data discovery initiatives are the best way to combat security challenges and remain compliant.

Risky Business: How Organizations Can Navigate Privacy and Compliance in a GDPR World

In this special guest feature, Cory Cowgill, Fusion Risk Management Chief Technology Officer, discusses how enterprise companies should no longer see business continuity and risk management as two separate entities, but marry both practices together. This method helps create a holistic view and enterprise companies get the best of both worlds. It ensures they understand, and are prepared for, the possibilities of various disruptions.

Automated Compliance Technology is the Key to Quality Health Data Analytics

In this special guest feature, Guy Meger, CTO, VP R&D of EarlySense, (a leader in contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum) discusses how with automated compliance monitoring in place, healthcare staff can focus their expertise and time on healing, while patients can rest and recuperate without any anxiety-induced disturbances. For these reasons, many global hospitals and medical facilities are turning to automated compliance technology to support big data systems that operate at their full potential and reach their clinical and economic goals.

Struggling with GDPR Compliance? Try the Mindfulness Diet

In this special guest feature, Alex Gorelik, Founder and CTO of Waterline Data, offers some tips on how organizations can achieve Data Mindfulness as it applies to GDPR. Even today’s largest public companies don’t pay enough attention to and misuse their data, but that’s all GDPR is – a set of guidelines to be mindful of data: Where is it? Why was it collected? What do we have customer’s permission to use this data for? Is it used for the appropriate reasons? And is it adequately protected?

Arcadia Data Drives GDPR Compliance With Modern Data Lake BI Architecture

Arcadia Data, provider of the visual analytics and BI software native to big data, announced that its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, which is defining the next era of analytics and BI for data lakes, offers capabilities that help address compliance for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through its robust governance features.

Data Lineage: The Key to Total GDPR Compliance

In this special guest feature, Rob Perry, Vice President of Product Marketing, ASG Technologies discusses how data lineage can help organizations ensure GDPR compliance. With the incredible amount of data organizations collect today, global companies are scrambling to take stock of their data and ensure they’re complying with the impending GDPR requirements.

Dataguise Announces Four Steps Enterprises Can Take Today to Accelerate GDPR Compliance

Dataguise, a leader in data-centric audit and protection (DCAP), announced four steps that enterprises globally can take today to accelerate compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).