Borderless Data – Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

In this contributed article, Alasdair Anderson, VP EMEA, Protegrity, discusses the challenges facing data and technology leaders and role automation plays in ensuring compliance. Giving organizations the speed and adaptability so vital in today’s digital economy.

Navigating Data Lake Challenges: Governance, Security, and GDPR Compliance

In this contributed article, Coral Trivedi, Product Manager at Fivetran, discusses how enterprises can get the most value from a data lake. The article discusses automation, security, pipelines and GSPR compliance issues.

With More Data Comes Great Responsibility and a Need for Education

In this sponsored post, Dr Kendra Vant, Executive General Manager of data at global small business accounting platform Xero, discusses what responsible data use looks like in practice for tech companies and professionals. From strengthening insights into how a business operates and keeping businesses better equipped and informed, through to saving time with automation and even deepening a business’ understanding of its customers – the potential of data to make life easier for businesses and their customers is awe inspiring.

XAIN Puts AI Privacy First, at No Cost to Efficiency, with its Distributed AI Solution

XAIN, the AI startup that specializes in privacy-oriented Federated Machine Learning (FedML), is developing an infrastructure to train artificial intelligence applications through FedML technology, a mechanism that emphasizes data privacy. XAIN’s distributed approach to machine learning, which intends to comply with the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), also provides greater efficiency in the way data is trained, marking a major breakthrough in a field otherwise burdened by costly and onerous processes.

GDPR is in place; CCPA is coming. Are you ready?

In this contributed article, Rohit Mahajan, CTO/CPO at Io-Tahoe, suggests that firms should view GDPR and CCPA as an opportunity that can pay dividends by involving leaders throughout their organization, from the chief data officer (CDO) to the data governance team.

GDPR is Not the Finish Line – It’s Only the Start

In this contributed article, Luc Burgelman, CEO of NGDATA, discusses about how the May 25th deadline for the GDPR was just the first step in enabling companies to have a trusted dialogue with customers based on a standard framework for data privacy. The GDPR deadline was not a deadline at all. Rather, it represents step one of the next data frontier that will allow companies to have a trusted dialogue with their customers based on a standard framework for data privacy. The work is just beginning.

Now That GDPR Has Arrived, Here Are 5 Ways Your Company Can Catch Up Fast

In this contributed article, Sasha Victorine, Chief Solution Officer at FanThreeSixty, provides strategies for data professionals on updating their customer data efforts to be in compliance with the new regulations under GDPR. Specifically, he offers important 5 tips to prepare your company.

Arcadia Data Drives GDPR Compliance With Modern Data Lake BI Architecture

Arcadia Data, provider of the visual analytics and BI software native to big data, announced that its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, which is defining the next era of analytics and BI for data lakes, offers capabilities that help address compliance for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through its robust governance features.

Big Data Humor: What IT Really Thinks About GDPR!

In light of today’s compliance deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our friends over at cloud strategy company Evolve IP provided this humorous quip about what IT really thinks!

Are You Ready for GDPR?: 5 Hard Questions Every Enterprise Should Ask Customer Data Partners

In this contributed article, Nitay Joffe, co-founder and CTO of ActionIQ, provides 5 tough questions every data controller should ask their data processors in preparation for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline on May 25.