Front Cover of a Book Entirely Created by Artificial Intelligence

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The newly released book “The A.I. Age” represents a historic moment and new
landmark in the story of AI with its February 2020 publication. The front cover of the book has been entirely created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) by selecting the winning cover design and overlaying the text.

AI machines can’t be creative? Yes they can. A specific type of machine learning called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), can create art. Author Adam Riccoboni, CEO of Critical Future, a leading AI firm, used this cutting-edge AI to create his book cover’s design while writing The AI Age.

The process involved feeding 200,000 book covers into the deep learning system. On a high performance computer, the algorithm was trained in just one week, what it has taken human beings millennia to discover; how to create a winning book cover. Ali El Hassouni, a Critical Future AI developer, and a Ph.D. level expert in GANs, developed this deep learning. The remarkable, unique process is shown in this video:

The central premise of the book is that the world is at an inflection point. We are on the precipice of change. A technological revolution is about to occur. As author Adam Riccoboni puts it: “Artificial Intelligence is the most important technological revolution of our time.” Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes, “AI will be more important than electricity or fire.” Stephen Hawking argued, “It could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization.” Whatever you think of AI, all our lives and all our careers will be transformed by AI over the next decade.

Imagine if in the 1990s, you knew the internet was going to change the world. What would we do? Invent Facebook, or Amazon? Become a VC, study digital marketing? Give up your job at Blockbuster video and invest in Netflix?

We will be at this point again in the 2020s. The tech this time is not the internet. It is something more profound – Artificial Intelligence. A technology that is more ubiquitous than anything that has come before. AI will be developed into all the nooks and crannies of our lives, to create an enchanted world.

In the future, AI has the potential to reach human level intelligence, and then run away redesigning itself to become a super-intelligence. A god by another name. This fascinating prospect has the world’s most famous scientists and atheists, talking about the potential of technological god, coming in our lifetime.

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  1. Craig Purcell says

    A friend of mine has been doing interesting artistic work partnering with an a.i. – hard to separate the curator from the a.i. as designer.

  2. Amazing. But how economical can it be for small and medium publishers?