Driving ROI Through AI

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This new report, “Driving ROI Through AI,” from ESI ThoughtLab was conducted alongside our friends over at DataRobot as well as a coalition of other AI leaders. The report shows that despite high adoption rates of AI in enterprises, ROI in AI still remains a work in progress and will take skill, scale, and time.

The study benchmarked the AI practices, performance results, and three-year plans of 1,200 companies in 12 industries and 15 countries. Conducted during the COVID-19 outbreak, the study reveals the value that AI can support a socially distant, digital-first world; yet, companies are still today seeing extremely low ROI and many AI projects are not yet profitable.

The report shows that while enterprises in general are struggling to see value from their AI investments, DataRobot’s end-to-end enterprise AI platform is an exception, as a Forrester TEI report shows. DataRobot customers are seeing a 514% ROI over three years. I think this not only speaks to the maturity of their platform, but also the fact that they’ve democratized it in a way that any enterprise today can deploy AI seamlessly within their organization for an array of use cases – and, see a profit within a short time frame as a result. 

Download the complete report HERE.

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