Introducing Kyligence Copilot: The AI Copilot for Data to Excel Your KPIs

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Over the past decade, Kyligence has forged a reputation through its pioneering work with the Apache Kylin project, an open-source big data OLAP initiative. From these foundational strides emerged Kyligence Zen, a premier metrics platform meticulously crafted to transcend traditional BI limitations. Centralizing scattered metrics into a unified platform, Kyligence Zen empowers businesses to save time, ensures consistency, and elevates metrics-driven decision-making. But at Kyligence, the horizon of innovation is boundless. Introducing the latest marvel, seamlessly integrated with Kyligence Zen: Kyligence Copilot.

Meet Your New AI Data Companion

Kyligence Copilot is more than just an advanced data tool; it’s the future of data dialogue. Infused with the intelligence of the Kyligence Zen metrics platform and turbocharged by Azure OpenAI’s vast language model, Copilot promises a paradigm shift in business metric interaction.

Here’s What Kyligence Copilot Brings to the Table:

  • Natural Language Metric Search & Analysis: With Kyligence Zen’s integrated metrics, dive deep using everyday language. Bypass complex SQL queries; simply engage Copilot in conversation, and it delivers.
  • Chat-Driven Root Cause Analysis: Stay ahead of the curve. Command Copilot to unearth the underpinnings behind metrics, revealing obscured patterns and justifications for fluctuations.
  • Alignment with Business Objectives: Mirroring the ethos of Kyligence Zen, Copilot ensures metric and business aspirations resonate. It vigilantly signals deviations, offering deep dives into the causatives, empowering metrics-centric decisions.
  • Embedded Assistance for Diverse Needs: Whether unveiling business metric insights or embedding within software, Copilot’s adaptability stands out. Enjoy flawless integration, harnessing AI’s might precisely where desired.
  • Unyielding Commitment to Data Security: With Kyligence Copilot, data integrity remains sacrosanct. Azure OpenAI services (GPT 3.5) fortify it, ensuring a dependable AI ecosystem. Opt for the fluidity of SaaS or the bastion of a Virtual Private Cloud.

A Revolutionary Stride Towards an Intuitive Data Future

Kyligence Copilot, combined with the strength of Kyligence Zen, represents the evolution of data engagement. A shift to intuitive, dialogue-driven data interactions ensures that insights become accessible to all, irrespective of technical acumen.

Be a pioneer in redefining data interactions. Enlist for the Kyligence Copilot waitlist today and herald the new dawn of data-driven innovation.

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