Shreds.AI Launches an AI Capable of Generating Complex Software

Shreds.AI, an AI capable of generating complex, business-grade software from simple descriptions in record time, today announced its formal beta launch. Shreds.AI slashes the time to market for software, along with team sizes and costs, by over 80% compared to traditional software development methods. It also solves the software obsolescence problem, increases software lifespan by more than 60% with automatic maintenance and makes it easy to switch software technology, for example, from PHP to Java, from C++ to JavaScript, etc.

AI Won’t Eliminate Programming, But Can Make It Better

In this contributed article, Mike Loukides, Vice President of Emerging Tech Content at O’Reilly Media, makes the argument that the number of programmers who will be “replaced by AI” will be small and explains how the use of AI will change the discipline for the better.

GitHub Releases New Research on Copilot Chat

New research from GitHub takes a look at Copilot Chat’s impact on authoring and reviewing code. The company conducted a study where 36 developers used GitHub Copilot and Copilot Chat to author and review code – it’s obviously a small sample size, in part due to how new the tool is, though early results are interesting.

The Economic Impact of the AI-powered Developer Lifecycle and Lessons from GitHub Copilot

GitHub released new research detailing the potential economic impact and productivity benefits of generative AI. The company partnered with Harvard Professor Marco Iansiti, who’s well-known in the field, to dig into the impacts of GitHub’s Copilot tool, and generative AI more broadly. The potential is massive – the study found that AI developer productivity benefits could boost global GDP by over $1.5 trillion by 2030.