AI Turns The Digital Evolution of the Airline Industry Into a Revolution 

In this contributed article, Rick Seaney, Vice President of Innovation at 3Victors, wrote this piece to bring awareness to the incredible things that airline customers will experience in only a few years thanks to AI. He explains the importance of the industry to build the data and cloud foundation that is necessary to get us there.
From super-realistic AI generative videos of their destination to robots helping passengers with baggage to new ways to buy tickets – AI will change flying as we know it, and an investment in robust architecture is the approach that will support it.

AI and Machine Learning in the Travel Industry: How to do it Right

In this contributed article, IT and digital marketing specialist Natasha Lane, takes a look at the travel industry and how AI and Machine Learning are playing an important role in its transformation. Still, the question remains: what is the right way to do AI and ML in travel right now? And how does it go from being a gimmick to a feature that is actually beneficial to customers?