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Pour Some Schema On Me: The Secret Behind Every Enterprise Information Lake

Murthy Mathiprakasam

In this special guest feature, Murthy Mathiprakasam of Informatica discusses the rise of the Data Lake and what it means to the continued evolution of Big Data. Murthy Mathiprakasam is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for Informatica’s Big Data products.

Building for the Internet of Things: 3 Things the Data Industry Must Do


In this special guest feature, Yaniv Mor of Xplenty talks about the upward trajectory of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and examines the distinct opportunities as well as pitfalls present in this new space.

ETL: The Silent Killer of Big Data Projects

Monte Zweben_SpliceMachine

In this special guest feature, Monte Zweben co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine outlines how traditional ETL processes are bursting at the seams with the volume of Big Data and ways to streamline the ETL pipeline.

The Big Data Revolution: All about Big Data, Why and How it’s Relevant for Your Business in 2015


In this special guest feature, Jenny Richards, content marketer at, provides a high-level view of the big data industry and gives a few predictions for 2015.

Taking a Horizontal Approach to Big Data for Better IT and Business Outcomes

Raja Mukerji, President of ExtraHop.

In this special guest feature, Raja Mukerji of ExtraHop Networks talks about how IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) has started to emerge as a framework for a more horizontal approach to Big Data in IT.

Thriving in the New Mobile Analytics Ecosystem


In this special guest feature, Jeremy Levy CEO of Indicative illustrates how to navigate the new realm of mobile analytics.

Being Quantitative in Spite of Ambiguity


In this special guest feature, Dean Malmgren, Co-founder and Data Scientist at Datascope Analytics, defines two ways to address the ambiguous challenge of defining the problem to be solved through means of data science.

Bringing People Analytics to the Boardroom


In this special guest feature, Edwin Miller, CEO and Founder of 9Lenses highlights how “people analytics” is a big piece of the business data landscape and belongs in the boardroom.

The Drive for Big Data in the Cloud


In this special guest feature, Alan Clark of OpenStack describes how the OpenStack open source IaaS provides a solution for big data in the cloud and how it can offer an attractive Hadoop deployment strategy.

Take Business to Cloud Nine with a Successful Data Migration


In this special guest feature, Ian Masters of Vision Solutions provides a list of best practices for companies migrating their data assets to the cloud.