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2016: The Year of the Data Jedi

In this special guest feature, Matt Bencke, CEO and co-founder of Spare5, sheds light on how “Data Jedis,” aka those that can translate and manage Big Data, will be the ones welding light sabers in 2016.

Key Challenges for Commercial Text Miners

In biomedical research and development, researchers use text mining tools to extract and interpret facts, assertions, and relationships from vast amounts of published information. Mining accelerates the research process, increases discovery of novel findings, and helps companies identify potential safety issues in the drug development process. However, despite the many benefits of text mining, researchers face a number of obstacles before they even get a chance to run queries against the body of biomedical literature.

Hadoop and Spark Enterprise Adoption–Powering Big Data Applications to Drive Business Value

In this special guest feature, Khushbu Shah, Asst. Manager – Technical Content, at DeZyre highlights how Hadoop and Spark enterprise adoption is gaining prominence to drive business value by getting close to real time data analysis.

Scaling Out Without Fault

In this special guest feature Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix, discusses how significant spikes in simultaneous transaction processing are placing more demands on relational databases than ever.

Top 12 Explanations You’ll Hear in 2016 for Why Big Data Isn’t Paying Off

In this special guest feature David Fishman, Vice President of Marketing for Arcadia Data, puts a new and interesting twist on the hot topic of big data adoption.

Why Data Quality is So Elusive

In this special guest feature Jake Freivald, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Information Builders, asserts that having clean, error-free data helps drive growth and enhance critical business processes, but unfortunately this goal is hard to achieve without the proper data strategies.

A Versioned Vision for Distributed and Cloud Databases

In this special guest feature Tarun Thakur of Datos IO, discusses the changing nature of storage and recovery in a distributed database world.

Using OLAP on Hadoop to Accelerate BI on Big Data

In this special guest feature Ajay Anand, Vice President of Marketing at Kyvos Insights, gives his views on speed and interactivity of OLAP and the scalability and flexibility of Hadoop.

Analytics, Meet Operations; Operations, Say Hello to Analytics

In this special guest feature, Manish Sood, CEO of Reltio, examines how business operations and data analytics can meet to obtain competitive advantage.

Organizing Data Science Teams For Strong ROI

In this special guest feature, Miles Johnson and Sam Hochgraf of IBB Consulting Group, discuss how to build small, highly-specialized teams of experts that can work collaboratively to support the data science pipeline.