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How Big Data Can Help Your Product Content

Rick Chavie Headshot

In this special guest feature, Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks discusses several areas where all businesses can make marked improvements and avoid the big data pitfall of having great insights that can’t be used in a tactical way.

Data-Centric Security – An Effective Line of Defense against Data Breaches

Eric Tilenius - BlueTalon

In this special guest feature, Eric Tilenius, CEO of BlueTalon, highlights the four main reasons why companies should adopt data-centric security.

Why Data Quality without Data Integrity is No Match for Today’s Business Demands

Bobby Koritala

In this special guest feature, Bobby Koritala, Chief Product Officer of Infogix, discusses data management best practices and why data quality without data integrity is no match for today’s business demands.

Discovering Alpha Through Automation


In this special guest feature, Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, Chairman and CEO of Rage Frameworks, Inc., outlines how big data can help active investment managers see success in financial markets in pursuit of Alpha.

Beyond Lead Scoring: New Tech Brings Predictive Analytics Deeper into the Funnel to Accurately Forecast Sales Success


In this special guest feature, Dustin Grosse, CEO of ClearSlide discusses the power of predictive analytics, specifically as it relates to the connection between analytics and sales.

How To Work Through “Analysis Paralysis” And Understand The Difference Between Data Analysis And Data Visualization

Collin Sebastian

In this special guest feature, Collin Sebastian, Chief Product Officer at YouEye observes that the more graphs, maps, reports, and dashboards we use to slice and dice our data, the more time we spend analyzing — and the less time we spend actually making decisions. There’s a solution to this paralysis, and it begins with understanding the difference between data analysis and data visualization.​

Predictive Intelligence, or How AI Transformed Selling in the Enterprise

Manoj Ramnani

In this special guest feature, Manoj Ramnani CEO of CircleBack higlights the trend of AI in the enterprise and how it’s affecting sales/marketing.​

Broad Data, An Enhanced Variant of Big Data, Drives Favorable Business Outcomes

RonStein headshot 2015

In this special guest feature, Ron Stein, Director of Product Marketing of Space-Time Insight talks about what data should organizations be looking at, how can they leverage, and how can data analytics help.​

Where Will Your Data Take You?

Steve Stover Photo

In this special guest feature, Steve Stover, VP of Marketing and Product Management for Predixion Software shares his thoughts about what is the best path for realizing the potential of IoT.​

Apache Spark is the Smartphone of Big Data


In this special guest feature, Denny Lee of Databricks, talks about the versatility of Spark – essentially comparing it to the Swiss Army Knife of on your camping tri​p, called​ Big Data/Analytics.