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Why Aren’t We Learning from Project Failures?

In this special guest feature, Simon Moss, Chief Executive Officer for Pneuron Corporation, suggests that if we are truly to learn from our project failures and improve, then it’s time we considered that our fundamental approach might be flawed.

Leveraging Big Data to Influence Corporate Strategy

In this special guest feature, Rodger Howell, an Advisory principal for PwC’s Strategy&, provides a number of examples of the ways in which organizations that have implemented data analytics practices to increase revenue, boost operating excellence, improve compliance and streamline financial reporting.

Big Pharma Finds Antidote to Big Data Chaos

In this special guest feature, Sagar Anisingaraju, Chief Strategy Officer at Saama, discusses how new approaches to big data analytics are helping the pharmaceutical industry address major shifts toward value-based-care.

Supporting Decentralized IoT Data with Software-defined Storage

In this special guest feature, Rob Whiteley is the VP of Marketing at Hedvig, discusses the challenges businesses face with IoT and data storage such as figuring out where all of the IoT data will go and how it will be stored and protected.

Combining Data Sources to Drive Smarter Decisions

In this special guest feature, David Abramson, Director of Product Management at Logi Analytics, discusses how the advent of new and disparate data sources means we must rethink the way we manage data.

Why Insights from Facebook Topic Data Are a Game Changer

In this special guest feature, Tim Barker, CEO of DataSift Inc., highlights the predictive power of using Facebook topic data as a data source for gaining business insights.

Top 10 Considerations for Efficient IoT Deployments in Smart Cities

In this special guest feature, Sandeep Agarwal, Senior VP and Head of Engineering at Happiest Minds Technologies, discusses the challenges of applying IoT technology to smart cities.

With Data, the Devil is in the Details

In this special guest feature, Matt Graves, Chief Data Officer at Infogroup, discusses how marketers can expand their target audiences and bridge the gap between business and consumer data through the use of offline publishers.

Bringing on the Pain: Majority of C-Suite Not Involved with Data Quality Management Initiatives

In this special guest feature, Dan Ortega, VP of Marketing at Blazent, provides a first-hand commentary on IT’s struggle with data quality.

The Never-Ending Customer Journey

In this special guest feature, Tom Goodmanson and Michael Bragg of the Calabrio Executive Team, discuss why contact center data is so important to every member of the C-suite and how, when viewed comprehensively, the organization as a whole will benefit.