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The Power of Being Predictive – Big Data Gets Smarter than Ever

Murali Nadarajah

In this special guest feature, Murali Nadarajah of Xchanging talks about how organizations today are using predictive analytics, and how the ability to be predictive has – and will continue – to change the business landscape enabling the development of new approaches and products.

How Wearables, Analytics and the IoT Will Redefine the Enterprise of 2020

Mayank Mehta

In this special guest feature, Mayank Mehta of Capriza looks out a few years on the horizon and reflects on how pervasive technologies stand to redefine the enterprise.

Can Predictive Technology Replace Your Marketing Team?


In this special guest feature, Kylee Hall of Leadspace reflects on the question – have we set ourselves up for a humans vs. the machines dystopia and why there will be need for human intuition to supplement the tremendous growth of predictive software?

The Science Behind Big Data

Eric Haller Experian

In this special guest feature, Eric Haller executive vice-president of Experian’s global DataLabs offers his perspectives on the growing demand for data scientists.

The Power of Indexing


In this special guest feature, Zachariah Sharek of Rhiza discusses the value of creating a data index and how it can be used to glean insights about everything from consumer spending habits to their media habits.

Why Data Archiving Helps Corporate Transformations


In this special guest feature, Dr. Werner Hopf of Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corp. outlines several reasons to undertake an archiving initiative during corporate transformations.

The Three Questions to Ask When It Comes to Big Data

Bill Schmarzo_EMC

In this special guest feature, Bill Schmarzo of EMC presents the three questions that companies need to ask themselves before diving into big data. Bill is the Chief Technology Officer for EMC Global Services’ Enterprise Information Management & Analytics service line.

The Critical Need for Strategy and Governance of Big Data

Joe Fuqua_NorthHighland

In this special guest feature, Joe Fuqua of North Highland reviews the importance of strategy and governance of big data. Joe is the senior director of information strategy within North Highland’s Data and Analytics network.

How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Retail Industry


In this special guest feature, Dean Abbott of SmarterHQ discusses how data science and predictive modeling have become the holy grail for the retail industry.

4 Ways Predictive Technology Is Transforming Modern Marketing

In this special guest feature, Doug Camplejohn, CEO and Founder of Fliptop, outlines four ways that big data and predictive technology combine to improve modern-day sales and marketing.