Cerebri AI Launches Cerebri Values CX v2 Platform

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Cerebri AI, announced the official launch of its second-generation Cerebri Values Customer Experience platform (CV/CX v2), which is now in the hands of customers and in full production.

CV/CX v2 is a total revolution in measuring customer engagement and using engagement values to drive financial results – up-selling, cross-selling, managing churn and risk – the list of customer-focused key performance indicators (KPIs) is endless. CV/CX v2 is a leap forward in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to draw insights from customer journeys and making recommendations that drive engagement and results. CV/CX v2 insights, brand commitment - Cerebri Values and Next Best Action{set}s are all driven by patent-pending object-oriented AI and reinforcement learning modelling methods. Our technology can time, sequence and value up to four events, rendering ‘rules-based’ and ‘AI-lite’ technology obsolete for driving maximum results.

“In the digital age, consumers are always connected, and businesses need to become more proactive to thrive,” said Jean Belanger, Co-founder/CEO, Cerebri AI. “Cerebri AI’s CV/CX v2 is already in production and is targeted for use in four key industries: financial services & banking, automotive, telecommunication & wireless and travel & leisure.”

CV/CX v2 is about taking full advantage of the seismic shift currently underway in the large-scale enterprises, who are now in the process of building one customer journey for each of their customers. These customer journeys include data from the vast amount of customer-focused data generated by internal corporate applications: sales, marketing, support, surveys, website, telemetry, etc.; as well as optionally, external events such as macroeconomic events and Internet-based data.

Gartner calls analyzing and using these journeys to drive customer KPIs – ‘customer journey analytics.’ In the past 90 days, Cerebri AI has been featured in six Gartner technology adoption curves – CX analytics, digital marketing & advertising, UX, digital e-commerce, enterprise architecture, and business process services.

Cerebri AI is laser-focused on bringing the very best AI technology to the market. On September 3, 2019, the USPTO awarded Cerebri AI its first patent. We have 13 additional patents pending with 7 applications under process in our labs at Austin, Toronto and Washington DC.

“Cerebri AI’s CV/CX v2 platform represents 2½ years of intense customer interaction and development by our brilliant engineers,” concludes Jean Belanger, Co-founder/CEO of Cerebri AI. “Our patent filing to bring ‘objects’ to AI modelling will increase reuse and reliability in AI and change the business forever. We started showing previews of CV/CX v2 to select customers in Q3 and we have quadrupled our customer CV/CX platform pilots during that time.”

Further information on Cerebri AI’s CV/CX v2 platform:

  • Cloud-based enterprise AI software solution allowing users to move from modelling Cerebri AI pillar experiments to ML production seamlessly and at scale.
  • Cerebri Values measures commitment to brands and products, which is then used as a key variable in driving CX insights and our industry-leading NBA{set}s.
  • Offers a distributed, containerized and resilient solution, scaling on a cost-effective basis, as needs arise, and as the use of customer-centric KPIs in large-scale enterprises proliferates.

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